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Friday Vibes, Happy Weekend!

It’s Friday again, friends. Friday, or as we say around here sometimes, Fry Day. Because you know what else we sometimes say around here: Treat Yourself. So, whether you’re excited for the weekend (yay Friday!) or you’re excited for fries (mmmmm…fries….) let’s start Friday off with a bang, shall we? Let’s!


Here on the blog we are still focusing large on the whole back-to-school thing. Partly because it’s everywhere; ads, displays, your favourite stores and coffee shops, etc., and partly because it’s awesome. Face it, fall is the best season, and now we’ll explain why.


First, of course, it’s the back-to-school vibe. Everything is new. For a season that is all about the beginnings of death and decay (think leaves and trees), it sure does spark a lot of newness. Schools rule that’s just the way it is, and the start of the school year always and forever will mark the beginning of big things. And, as we talked about earlier in the week, it’s a great time to reevaluate, refresh, and renew.

Gather round for all new episodes!
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Next, won’t someone think of the TV shows? New seasons, new series, cliffhanger resolution, etc. etc. It’s all there! Now, of course, most of us are watching shows on streaming services like Netflix and Crave, but still! Just like fall makes us crave those back-to-school things, it also reminds us of days gone by when TV ruled and you had to plan your week around the return of your favourite shows. Fall also means the move to cooler temps and shorter days and the desire to cocoon ourselves with our favourite shows and if THAT isn’t something to celebrate, well then we are not sure what to tell you! But seriously, that return to routine, the return to a schedule can be pretty sweet to anticipate, especially if some of our routines have gone a bit off the rails all summer. We are also now into Virgo season complete with all the goal-oriented, orderly, and organized vibes that go along with it, whipping us into shape. So, if you’re not sure why you want to buy a new planner and get your life together, look to the stars, pals. All that Virgo energy is just waiting there for you. Take advantage of it!


Virgo vibes making sure we got our lives together.

Finally, Living Aveda has a great article with tips to help us create – or recreate – that early fall, back-to-school feeling that we all (well, a lot of us, anyway) seem to crave. Think fresh haircut, new style, stock up on essentials…it’s all in their 6 Ways to Get That Fresh Back-to-School Feeling post, and it’s definitely inspiring!


We know we’re talking a LOT about fall, but for all you summer babes, there’s still lots of summer left. We just like to get a jump on the seasons for anyone who’s ready, but if you’re soaking up the remains of the long, sunny days, then go for it! Squeeze every last bit of summer that you can – especially since temperatures are going up again…way, way up!


Enjoy the weekend, everyone. Summer, fall, whatever vibe you’re feeling, we hope it’s a stellar one. And we’ll see you back here on Tuesday, lovelies.

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