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Giving Summer the Boot

Good morning! How’s your week going so far? We do realize it’s only Tuesday, but sometimes those first couple of days really set the tone for the week. So, in that respect, we hope you’ve had a great weekend and a great start to this second-to-last week of August.


Wait. What?

Back to school!

You heard correctly, friends. We are mere ten days away from the end of August, and we all know what that means, oh yes we do. We’ve put it off long enough while we’ve all enjoyed the summer sun and hot weather, but it’s finally time to turn our minds toward fall. The back-to-school ads are cropping up everywhere, and the stores are all filled with backpacks and pencil cases, notebooks and markers, and everything in between.


If you’re like a lot of us, September brings that same old feeling of a fresh start, and why not? The majority of us spent a lot of years knowing that the day after Labour Day was a new beginning, and it’s a hard feeling to shake. So why not embrace it? Get yourself a new notebook, journal, or calendar, some new pens in fun colours, and start making your fall and winter plans. Maybe revisit your New Year’s resolutions or goals, or set some new ones. Sometimes what we feel might be what we need in January has changed by the time September rolls around. And, instead of beating yourself up about any goals you haven’t attained or resolutions you haven’t been able to keep, just roll with it, and make some others. No harm, no foul. Life evolves and so should your goals. The thing to do, though, is to write them down. And that’s where the lovely new notebook or day planner can come in! We encourage you to give it a try, friends. It’s all about taking care of you.

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And speaking of taking care of you, let’s also talk fall fashion. Like all things fall, we’ve put off thinking about it while it’s been so hot, and even the idea of sweaters and corduroy, tights and scarves just has us melting under the hot lights of the changerooms. But you know what’s a good transition fashion statement that doesn’t make you sweat? Boots.


Boots? Boots!


And not just any boots, because we’re probably not ready just quite yet to envelop our entire calves in leather or vinyl or fleece, BUT you know what’s a great summer-to-fall footwear idea? Ankle boots. They are perfect, because you can wear them under long flowing skirts or maxi dresses, and they even work well for bare-legged fashions like shorts and short skirts! Flat boots can be paired beautifully with capri or cropped length pants too – honestly, they are perfect with pretty much anything you can think! And don’t just take our word for it, have a look at some of the go-to fashion sites and their take on the oh-so-versatile ankle boot!


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Who What Wear has a nice roundup of 32 boots that you can start wearing right away and take through the autumn too, and Refinery29 has another 16 for you to, as they say, daydream about while you wait for fall. ELLE also takes a look at ankle boots in their 12 must-haves article.


Now you might not be ready to trade your strappy sandals for some solid boots just yet, but if you’re starting to feel the pull of autumn – and the pull of those fun new school supplies – this might help fill that gap between seasons.


So maybe, if you can, treat yourself, friends! New shoes and new notebooks, what could be more back-to-school than that? Sit back in your sweet new boots, grab your journal, write some plans for the fall, or revisit your goals from earlier in the year. Whatever you do, be sure to take it easy on yourself.


And enjoy the rest of your week, everyone. We believe in you and your goals and your sweet new boots if you choose to indulge. Self-care comes in many forms, friends. Find yours if you can. See you on Friday!

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