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Summer Fashion Burnout? Help is Here!

It’s Friday and the long weekend is upon us! July is history, friends, it’s time for August, that late summer siren known for her long hot days and warm and sultry nights. As usual in the Hamilton area, there is a lot going on this weekend, and the biggest event of the weekend is probably Festival of Friends, being held in Gage Park. This festival is one of the older ones in the city, dating back to 1976! And while it left the city for a few years, it’s now back – some would say where it belongs – and it’s happening all long weekend long. So grab your sunhat and your lawnchair and get ready to enjoy!


If the late summer wardrobe blues have hit you, well today we’re here to help with a little inspiration.


It’s that point in the summer where we start to feel a little underwhelmed with our summer fashion choices. It’s been hot – like, extra hot – for so long, and we may not have the clothing resources or reserves to handle this ultra long summer season. In fall and winter – and even in spring – we tend to be able to make do a little longer. In the fall you can take a sundress and through a sweater over top; make a light tunic work with tights and boots or layer up with scarves and jackets. But in the high humidity of summer, none of these things will work AT ALL, and so we are left with fewer choices. At least we were left with fewer choices, but thanks to some of our favourite fashion sites, we’re able to find a little more inspiration for August and add some late-summer pizzazz to our looks.


PopSugar has 50 Summer Outfits for us, and their inspiration comes from street style. If you’re the type of person who likes to check out what others are wearing, whether it’s at a festival or a patio or just walking around the park, this is a great list. Lots of different looks, and many different ways to wear them, this list of 50 might be just what you need to jumpstart your summer vibe.


We get a little assistance from The Telegraph too, with Feeling stuck for summer dressing inspiration? It’s almost like they read our minds! And Harper’s Bazaar also has help in the form of Summer Dresses to Invest In For 2018. Some of these ideas are looking to the upcoming Fall season for inspiration, but shhhhhhhh, we’re not quite ready for that just yet…


As always, these links and articles are just there merely for inspiration, to spark ideas, and to help you make it through the last few weeks so you don’t have to burn that maxi dress you’ve been wearing all summer just yet! The great thing about fashion is that honestly, anything goes, and the most important fashion secret (to us, anyway) is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. If you love it, it’s comfortable, and it makes you feel good, THAT is what we are talking about, friends.


Enjoy the long weekend, and we will see you back here on Tuesday!


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