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Taking the Time

Good morning, and Happy Tuesday! We’re glad you’re here to share this 2nd to last post of August with us. And, right? Can you believe it? It’s like we blinked and all of a sudden, September is upon us.


Does that word scare you? We know that October is typically the spoooookiest of the months (as an aside, there is Halloween stuff in the stores, you guys. Wild.) but some people do get a bit weirded out by September as well, and for good reason. September means rules and schedules, classes and deadlines, and (often) the end of any kind of vacation until at least December. So it’s no wonder some of us get sweaty palms and feel a bit stressed leading up to the long Labour Day weekend. There is just so much to do!

For anyone who is feeling a bit frazzled by the return to school, work, etc., we’d like to revisit a post from last summer, that introduced some great ways to de-stress as best as possible. Got Stress? Help For Reducing Stress and Taking Charge of Your Brain was a popular post in 2017, so it’s obvious that we can all benefit from taking time out to chill.


Sometimes chilling means a glass of wine and a bubble bath, sometimes it means reading a good book, and sometimes it means some sort of exercise, mindfulness, or meditation. Often we call it relaxation, other times we call it self-care, and whatever that means for you, it’s so important, and it’s something we can’t stress enough. You know yourself better than anyone else, and you know what your body and mind need on a regular basis, and, we also can guarantee you know when you’re not getting exactly what you need to keep yourself afloat. Whether it’s nourishing food, more water, better (or more) sleep, daily exercise, or a chat with a trusted friend or professional therapist, it’s important to listen to what you need. And, once September comes around and we’re all hitting the ground running to get back into that routine, it’s often easy to forget that there are specific things we require in order to keep these machines of ours – these bodies that move us around, and these minds that make us who we are – in tip-top condition.


So as August draws to an end and that Virgo energy is fizzing all around us telling us to organize, to plan and to schedule, we encourage you to take a tiny step back in order to determine what it is you need. Planning some me-time is one of the best things you can do, and to ensure it takes priority in your week, you can actually schedule it into your calendar!

If you can do that on a regular basis, it will become something to look forward to. Instead of always trying to make time for yourself in between other responsibilities, treat your me-time as another appointment – one that you’re not willing to break!


You’ve got this, friends. We believe in the power of YOU. Let’s all work toward improving our health – mental and physical – by focusing on what we need, and making sure we get it.


On that note, have a wonderful week, everyone. Make your YOU plan, and start to implement it. You deserve it.

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