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Celebrate All Things Bee and All Things B!

Good morning! Happy Tuesday, and happy first day back to regular life after a stellar summer! We hope you had the very best possible summer, and, even though it’s not officially the end of summer for a couple of weeks yet, we all know that first day of school = summer’s over. But it’s ok! We have lots of sunshiney days and warm temperatures left and, in fact, some of the highest temperatures of the year and the warmest sunny days come in those few weeks after Labour Day, so don’t despair! If you are still craving everything summer, you’ve got time, we promise, friends!

Happy birthday to this Queen!

You might not know (or maybe you do, if you’re a big fan) but today is Beyoncé’s birthday, and so it’s perfectly fitting that we are making this post all about…bees. Hmmm, you might be saying, and we totally get that, but please do keep reading and all will become clear!


The Living Aveda blog has a fantastic post from the end of August that is all about bees. Did you know – because your blogging team didn’t – that Aveda has five colonies of bees at their headquarters in Minnesota? This might be the best news EVER! Bees are amazing, of course, and life, as we know it on earth, could not continue without their help, and without all the amazing things they do for us.


The Aveda bee colonies were developed in partnership with the University of Minnesota Bee Squad (arguably the coolest squad ever) and you can read more about these incredible creatures in the article 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Aveda Bees. It is absolutely full of amazing facts about the bees themselves, and also what they do for Aveda, and some of the steps we can take to help protect them in our neighbourhoods and cities.

Have you figured out the connection yet? Bees. Queen Bee. The Beyhive. Yeah, we’re talking bees and we’re talking Bey today too! It’s a coincidence…or is it? We think Aveda might just have planned that post in the lead up to Beyoncé’s birthday! But, even if not, we encourage you to read this highly informative and interesting post all about bees and to maybe make some small changes in order to help preserve the bee populations all around us.


And remember, bees are not wasps! It’s hard, at this time of year, when wasps like yellow jackets are out in full force, dive bombing your food and drinks as you try to enjoy some of the last picnic days of the year. Bees would never be so rude! Wasps are a pain, and they are definitely not bees.

Enjoy this short week, friends. Celebrate bees, celebrate Bey, celebrate the continued nice weather, and celebrate you. We’ll chat again on Friday.

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