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Friday Feels: Feeling Grateful

It was a short week, friends, but if you’re feeling like we are it was actually a pretty long week…what is it about those 4-day-work-week-after-a-holiday-Monday weeks? How come they feel extra long? Not sure there’s a real answer, but sometimes it just feels like since it’s a day less than we normally work, that it should feel like things are moving toward the weekend a lot faster than normal, but often that’s the exact opposite, right?


Perhaps it’s because with a holiday or a day off worked into the week, we need to make up for it with a little extra work in those four days, so even though we’re working shorter, we’re working harder, fitting just a little more into those four days. Hmmmm…it’s food for thought, honestly. There are a lot of people who swear by the four-day work week, and maybe they’re onto something. Maybe if we did it all the time, it would feel more like an actual short week? That might be it, honestly. Instead of fooling ourselves that Yeah, woo, just four days!” a four-day week as the norm would be just as productive, but with less stress that we need to accomplish five days worth of work in that one week.


Well, who knows, friends. Sadly we don’t have all the answers, but at least it is Friday, and for that we are very grateful!

As we kick off this end of summer season, whatever we want to call it – it’s not autumn, not quite yet – we would also like to take the time to let you know that we are grateful for you, too. Grateful for our Willow Salon clients and friends, and grateful for our Willow Salon blog readers as well. It’s a big old world out there, and it’s important to reflect, on occasion, on the reasons you do the things you do. And our reasons are you.


And, since your blogging team is embarking on a weekend celebrating friends and friendship (more about that to come next week!) we wanted to make sure we sent you off on your own weekend with a little reminder that we thank YOU – all of you – for being who you are.


So whatever you have planned this weekend, friends, we do hope you get to relax from this long 4-day week, and that you get to do it surrounded by the people who mean the most to you. We’ll see you again on Tuesday and, once again, we thank you for being here.

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