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More 90s, How Can You Resist?

Happy Friday…ummm Saturday! We are a day late here on the blog, and we do apologize for that. No excuses, your blogging team done messed up the days of the week. And don’t worry, we are rolling our own eyes at ourselves this morning. Sheesh.


But, we are here today, and since we were talking the return of the barrette (that quintessential 90s accessory) earlier in the week, we thought we would keep the 90s alive for at least one more post, and talk a bit about the 90s hair and makeup revival that is very on trend for the fall and winter season.


Love them or hate them, the 90s have most definitely been making their way back into our fashion choices and possibilities. We personally feel that there are a LOT of 90s trends that should just stay back where they started, but we are willing to relax a bit for some of the trends that are supported by Aveda pros!


The Living Aveda blog talks to a few Aveda specialists, and from the article we can gather that the secret to living (or reliving) the 90s is to take a trend and make it a little more modern. And, we’d like to add, sometimes it’s best to just take on one trend at a time, too. If you go all out with 90s everything, you run the risk of looking like you’re attempting to be the 90s for Halloween. And it’s way too early to start thinking about Halloween.


So think small with your 90s trends, with tips from Aveda Global Artistic Team members Ian Michael Black and Janell Geason. They point to specific colour palettes from the past, like the browns that were huge in lip colour back in the day. How to update that look and bring it into the present? Geason says,


“The way to make a brown lip look more modern is to make it look matte and to keep the rest of the skin clean, glowy and healthy. Otherwise, it looks dated and your skin can look dead.”


Great advice. Nobody wants dead looking skin!


She also talks a bit about blue eyeshadow (yes, blue eyeshadow!) and using it in smaller doses – like as an eyeliner only – to embrace the trend, but again, keep it from looking too dated.


We absolutely love tucking these trends into our repertoire in a bit of an underground way, and if you do too, we highly recommend checking out the article. Give a nod to your 90s past self, all the while keeping your look current.


Have a great weekend, everyone. We will see you back here Tuesday…WE PROMISE!


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