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Seasons Change…

We are back at it for the work week, and ready to hit the ground running! We hope you are too!


It is most definitely starting to feel like fall out there, which makes sense, given that fall is HERE! It’s true, the Autumnal Equinox happened in the wee hours of Saturday morning, so that chill we are starting to feel in the air is (mostly) here to stay.


We talked about the whole desire to get organized once fall arrives – those Virgo vibes getting us all sorted and ordered – and if you are doing your best to get into (and stay in) a routine, why not check your skin, hair, and makeup products while you’re at it?


It’s challenging, this in-between time for everything from your wardrobe to your makeup choices. Big bulky sweaters are everywhere, but it’s maybe not quite chilly enough to dive right into those. Our light, breezy, and bronzy sunkissed makeup colours seem a little bit out of place now that it’s pumpkin spice season, but we’re also not yet ready to embrace the heady darker and heavier fall and winter looks. What’s a stylish person to do?

Fall vibes are calling

Well, we all have those pieces of clothing that can move between seasons – think a denim jacket thrown over a sundress, or a big wrap or pashmina to complete a tank top and jeans combo. And the fashion mags are full of tips this time of year too, which is great.


We like to encourage people to take stock in the fall, because, and yes, we hate to say it, winter IS coming, and if you can prep your hair and skin beforehand, you’ll thank your smart self in January!


So, much like a jacket or a shawl, consider adding a little extra protection in the form of moisture to your hair and skin routines. It might not seem like the air is overly dry right now, but we know it will get there – sooner rather than later – and slowly introducing some deep conditioning now and then will make a big difference. Consider something like the Dry Remedy line for hair, or the Tulasara line for skin as insurance against the harsh elements that are on their way.


Hands, feet, lips…they can all use a little extra loving right now, in preparation for chillier air. Why risk the soreness that can come with chapped lips and cracked skin on hands and feet? Indulge in Hand and Foot Relief as well as Lip Saver as often as you can, and reap the benefits later in the season.


Now might also be a good time to move to a more moisturizing foundation, as well. Maybe you’re someone who switches to an oil-free formulation during the summer (for obvious reasons) but as the air gets drier, so too will your skin, so the more moisture, the better. Lipsticks and glosses with moisturizers are a good call as well, including the gorgeous colours of Aveda’s Feed My Lips line. Perfect year round, but especially in the move deeper into fall.


If it pains you to talk about getting ready for the cold, well we feel ya! But your whole self will appreciate the steps you’re taking now, guaranteed.

If we missed anything, or if you have a tried and true idea for fall skin and hair prep, let us know in the comments! We are always looking for ideas to share with our readers – that’s you!


Enjoy the week, everyone. And, as always, thanks for reading. We’ll chat again on Friday.

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