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Sick Day Style…Help is Here!

Good morning and Happy Friday once again! We hope your week has been a good one!


On Tuesday we chatted a bit about making the move from summer to fall and found some tips on what you can do to prepare for colder weather, that dramatic change from heat and humidity to chilly temperatures and drier air. Today we want to keep that conversation going in a way, with a guide to another kind of seasonal change. And that is moving from the healthy to the sick season.


We all know that fall is the time when the germs come out to play, and colds, flus, infections and the like can start to run rampant. Think about it: school is back in session so there are lots of young people in large classrooms all day long; people are heading to and from school and work and public transit use is definitely higher in the fall season. And, while the summer sees us spending time in the outdoors – open air festivals, concerts, beach days and park visits – autumn sees us inside more frequently. And all of these factors combine to create the perfect environment for those germs to really do some damage to us. There are loads of ways to protect yourself from colds and flus, of course, the flu shot being the biggest one for us here in Canada. But what if you’re caught off guard? You feel that tickle in the throat or that stuffy, sneeziness, and try as you might, you just can’t shake it. Before you know it, it’s a full blown cold, and honestly, you JUST DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS! What then?


It’s true that this is kind of a personal post today, as your blogger is suffering from a pretty brutal cold. Which is not fun, of course, but normally with a cold, taking a day off school or work, getting some rest, drinking plenty of fluids, and taking cold meds (if possible) is the best way to deal with a bad cold. And sometimes that’s just perfect. But, occasionally, you have other things planned that you a) do NOT want to miss and b) require you to show up looking good – and that, dear friends, is where we are today.


Your blogger has a wedding to attend tomorrow. That’s right, a wedding. Now as much as, when we’re feeling poorly, we’d like to just laze around in sweats and warm socks, sometimes these important events call for fresh faces and formal clothes, and we all know a wedding is one of those events. Even the most casual of weddings requires us to get at least a little bit fancy. And how on earth do you do that when you feel like you just want to lie down for the next 48 hours? Well, friends…you fake it.


The internet can be a beautifully helpful place when you’re looking for ways to make yourself NOT look like death, and so, in the spirit of helping – because you might need this too, one day – here are a few resources to consider when it’s your turn…


Our pals at Refinery29 give us the straight-talking business with their article Spa Day For The Sickly: How To Look Good When You Feel Like Shit. They talk everything from a steaming, detoxifying and decongestant bath to cooling eye drops and a hydrating lotion for your poor, poor nose. Some great products here.


Stylecaster gives us How to Look Gorgeous, Even When You’re Sick and that’s what we are talking about! Give us those tips and tricks to fake a healthy glow and to lose the red nose!


And finally, Teen Vogue helps us be ready for photos with How To Look #NoFilter Flawless When You Have A Cold. Tea bags for your puffy eyes, waterproof eye makeup, and cream blush are great tips for sure.


This is one of those posts that you’re going to want to file away for future reference, no doubt. Or, if you have your own tips for looking fab while feeling awful, please send them along. Before tomorrow, if at all possible, haha!


Ah, just kidding. Have a great weekend, everyone, we hope you’re staying healthy so far! We’ll chat again on Tuesday, where we will be gearing up for the long Thanksgiving weekend – can’t wait!


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