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Throwing it Back

Welcome back to the week, friends! Hope you had a great weekend, whether you were Supercrawling or hanging at the beach, or just hanging around at home, we hope you got to do something just for you.

If you’ve been paying attention in the fashion world, Saturday marked the end of New York Fashion Week, and, as always, we will try to distill a lot of what went on over the next few posts – it’s impossible to do it all at once, we’d be here for hours, and we know you’ve got other things to do!

Today we want to talk about a type of accessory that seems to have made a comeback at NYFW, thanks to Aveda (and likely some other designers and stylists as well) and that was featured on the Living Aveda blog this week. And that, dear friends, is the return of the humble barrette. Oh yeah, the barrette!

Whenever your formative years happened, friends, if you had hair, you probably know all about barrettes. They’ve been around for ages and ages, and every era seemed to have a kind of barrette “look.” Whether it was straight up just keeping your hair off your face to please your mother, or you took the barrette to a whole other artistic level, you can’t deny the longevity and the practicality of the barrette.

We fondly remember tortoiseshell looking ones (1970s-80s, represent!) and butterfly barrettes (very, very 90s) and of course the old metal standbys that have been around for…well, for our purposes, pretty much forever, yeah? And it’s exactly those metal ones that were featured so prominently by Aveda at NYFW! Go figure!

You can read all about it here and see the asymmetric barrette happenings of Aveda Guest Artist Frank Rizzieri of Rizzieri salons and schools. And, see if you recognize those classic metal barrettes that the team found in – wait for it – the drugstore. We love this! Nothing fancy about it, just taking a tried and true hair accessory and giving it new life and another go round.

Photo from ELLE

If you’re interested in this trend, we’ve rounded up a few resources that can help you add a little zip to your hairstyle, and treat yourself to a little bit of nostalgia at the same time. Lots of barrettes featured in these pages, as well as some other fun ideas to add to your fall and winter wardrobe.

Refinery29 has everything from head wraps and turbans to barrettes and flowers to accessorize your hairstyle with a definite nod to some vintage-looking styles too. It’s all about embellishment at ELLE where their article features monogrammed hair clips (so cool!) to leather headbands and even face veils…for real! Take your look up a FEW notches with their ideas.

And finally Elite Daily is giving us the biggest nod to the more recent past with their article These Fall 2018 Hair Accessory Trends Are All About The ’90s & You’re Going To Want Them All and friends? They’re not wrong. Zigzag headbands! Scrunchies! Claw clips! It’s all here! Fulfill your lust for all things 90s here, and face fall well-accessorized!

Have a great rest of the week, everyone. We’ll be back here on Friday to chat with you again.

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