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Tutorial Tuesday Time!

Good morning, everyone! We hope you had a great weekend, in spite of — or maybe because of — the weather! It was definitely feeling like fall for a couple of days, and if you’re someone who is excited for the cozier season, it was great to have a little taste of what’s to come! For you summer types, we are back to warmer temperatures for a few days, so grab all you can while the getting is good, and take advantage of it! Autumn pals, we’ll get there soon, not to worry!


It’s been awhile since we’ve featured an instructional video here on the blog, so we are kicking off this week with a Tuesday Tutorial — and it’s one that will likely satisfy you, no matter what season you worship!


This tutorial featuring a beauty vlogger working in partnership with Aveda, shows us how to rock a beachy braid and a nude lip. Now beachy hair of any sort definitely feels like a summer ‘do, but when you watch the video you’ll see it’s something that can be worn right through the next season, and beyond! Jackie even pairs the look with a super cute hat that definitely feels a little bit like a fall accessory, so let’s just say this is an adorable style that can bridge that summer-to-fall gap nicely!


And as well, a nude lip is a fantastic summer go-to, when you don’t want to seem “overdone” in the heat and humidity, but it’s also a look that struts perfectly into fall and seems just as at home amongst the ponchos, sweaters, tights and boots too. And won’t get all over your pumpkin spice latte cup, either. Oh yeah, we went there!


Enjoy the video, friends, and enjoy your week too. And just a head’s up, we’ve got a special post for you on Friday, a nice little roundup of another Willow Team Adventure to some places you’ll never guess. (Ok, fine, it’s wineries.)


See you then!


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