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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Moments of Care, Moments of Self-Care

As we wind down October and dive headfirst into the holiday season we want to take a few minutes to talk about self-care.   For a lot of us in the world, this has been a trying year. There are always things that go wrong in the world, but this past year, 2018, has seemed…

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More Halloween Ideas We Love

Happy Friday, everyone! And we also want to say Happy Halloween party weekend! You know it’s all going down this Friday and/or Saturday night – if you’re an adult, that is. If you’re still of the trick-or-treating age, you’ll have to wait for Wednesday, but for all you grown-up ghouls and goblins, get ready to…

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Holiday Preview, Courtesy of Aveda!

Good morning, and happy day-after-the-election! Lots of buzz around the city and province yesterday, and let’s hope our newly-elected officials are committed to providing the best possible city for everyone in the greater HamOnt community!   So now election day has passed, we have another week or so ‘til Halloween, and guess what that means?…

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Taking it Off: Halloween Makeup Edition

Welcome to Friday and the start of another weekend!   Now, it technically isn’t the last weekend before Halloween, BUT it is the last weekend before those Halloween parties, right? No one – well, unless you’re trick-or-treating – really celebrates on the 31st, do they? It’s mid-week, and most of us will need to get…

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Best (Halloween) Face Forward

Good morning and happy Tuesday!   We are deep into October now, and that can only mean one thing: Halloween is almost here. Have you started thinking about your costume yet? Whether you dive head first into the whole spooky season, or you are a reluctant participant in all things Halloween, there is bound to…

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Glam Up!

Good morning everyone, and welcome to another Friday! Have you been outside yet? It is downright chilly! That last blast of summer we had earlier in the week is clearly just a memory now, and it’s time to embrace all things fall!   And, not that we’re counting, but we are a mere seven weeks…

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Caramel and Honey and Amber and…Bronde? Your New Fall Faves are Here!

We are back after the long Thanksgiving weekend, and we hope it was a good one for you! Wouldn’t it be great if three-day weekends were the norm? Imagine all the things we could accomplish! Even if those things were brunch and naps, we would still be accomplishing things!   Are you ready for fall…

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Hairstyling, at the Speed of Light!

Good morning, happy Friday, and a very happy start to the long Thanksgiving weekend to all!   We are very excited to be able to introduce you to a fantastic new product from Aveda (who else!) that might just be the answer to some of our wishes and/or prayers.   We all know that Aveda…

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Thanksgiving: It’s More Than Just Turkey!

Good morning everyone, and welcome to October! Holy cats, it’s true. It’s the spooky month already. Time to bust out the pumpkins, gourds, and horns of plenty, go apple picking, prepare for Thanksgiving, and plan your Halloween costume and festivities. BUT NO PRESSURE. Whew. October is a lot, honestly. Best to take it step by…

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