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Caramel and Honey and Amber and…Bronde? Your New Fall Faves are Here!

We are back after the long Thanksgiving weekend, and we hope it was a good one for you! Wouldn’t it be great if three-day weekends were the norm? Imagine all the things we could accomplish! Even if those things were brunch and naps, we would still be accomplishing things!


Are you ready for fall now? It seems like a strange question to ask since we’ve been experiencing fall for a couple of weeks now, but somehow that transition seems to happen faster once Thanksgiving is over. If you were out and about this past weekend you probably noticed the trees doing their thing, and within a few days, the colours will be spectacular. Pumpkins and decorative gourds are everywhere now, on porches and windowsills, and in grocery store bins, and of course, the stores all have their Halloween candy, costumes and decorations ready to go. So yeah. Bam! We are heavily into fall right now.


If you’re into it, well hooray! Fall can be pretty great. If you’re thinking ahead to what comes after fall, well, we get it. Fall is pretty, and winter can be too, but let’s be honest, fall is brief and winter often seems to last forever. So why not embrace our fleeting fall season, and try not to think about what’s next?


To get us through, let’s take a look at some hot new hair colour trends that match and coordinate with the gorgeous fall colours we’re about to be experiencing. Sometimes a little shift in our hair’s colour or the addition of some seasonally-inspired highlights can do wonders for our mood and our outlook. Shaking things up – even temporarily – is highly recommended this time of year. Make your own sunshine, we always say! And here are a few articles to help you with that.

Look to nature for inspiration this season

We’ll kick things off with ELLE and 7 New Hair Colors to Consider This Winter, a list that not only gets us thinking but also gets us craving something sweet. Honey, caramel, and dark chocolate all make the grade for the fall and winter, along with copper, amber, and espresso. Don’t they all conjure up amazingly vibrant images in your mind? You can take a look at the celebrity examples they include to help you – with the help of your Willow team member – create your dream colour (or flavour!)


Next, check out Marie-Claire’s take on the latest with 5 Fall Hair Colors You’re About to See Everywhere, including caramel (again) and the seemingly newly-coined term “bronde.” If you aren’t sure, this is a combination of brown and blonde (you probably figured that out, honestly) and Allure has an entire article dedicated to this colour trend with 21 Bronde Hair Ideas That Look Amazing on Everyone. There are some gorgeous looks in this gallery and if it’s true that there is something for everyone, well you might have just found your newest favourite colour trend!


So shake off the remnants of summer – we know it can be difficult – and launch yourself fully into fall! Whether it’s with a giant pumpkin spice latte, preparing for a killer Halloween party, or taking your hair colour to another level, we hope you take advantage of what the season has to offer.


Enjoy the short work week, friends, and keep some of that Thanksgiving spirit alive as you head back into the week. We’ll chat again on Friday.

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