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Holiday Preview, Courtesy of Aveda!

Good morning, and happy day-after-the-election! Lots of buzz around the city and province yesterday, and let’s hope our newly-elected officials are committed to providing the best possible city for everyone in the greater HamOnt community!


So now election day has passed, we have another week or so ‘til Halloween, and guess what that means? It means that when your blogger headed to to check out the site and see what’s new, she was greeted with the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide. Spooooooky, kiddies! Yikes.


Now, from a business and retailer perspective, an early start to the holiday product is a good thing. You need time to get it all into the store (or salon), and you need time to set it up and get it moving for customers and clients. So while it seems pretty extreme, it makes a lot of sense. And don’t worry, this is just the online pre-order merchandise, you won’t see Willow all decked out in red, green, and jingle bells just yet.


So if you’re ready to dive into the season, you might want to see what’s available – or will become available – in Aveda’s holiday gift guide. As always, there are great deals and lovely gift sets in gorgeous packaging. Want a sneak peek? You got it!


The Gift of a Little Stress Relief is a sweet little combination pack of stress fix body oil and hand cream. Relaxing never smelled so good! A Gift of Comfort and Light is the perfect ginger and ginger lily soy candle that will be a welcome addition to a cold winter night. And, look to A Gift to Make Her Smile for a pair of rehydrating lip glaze lip glosses in limited edition holiday shades cherry nectar and golden lily. The perfect finishing touch for a perfect holiday outfit.


So that’s just a little taste of what’s ahead for the holiday season from Aveda. As always, all Aveda gifts come in packaging that is responsible and sustainable, and you can learn more about our paper packaging here: This commitment to the environment – particularly at such a busy and consumption-heavy season, is one of our favourite things about Aveda, and one that we are very proud to support.


Giving back, giving thanks, giving support…all things that Aveda, and Willow Salon, do year round, but we especially like to step it up even further during the holidays. So while sure, it might be a wee bit early to dive deep into the festive season, but we are pretty excited about what’s ahead, and we couldn’t wait to share.


Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone. Take comfort in knowing that you’ve still got time to prepare for the big days in December – lots of time, in fact – and there’s no need to sweat it just yet. We got you.


See you Friday, friends!


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