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More Halloween Ideas We Love

Happy Friday, everyone! And we also want to say Happy Halloween party weekend! You know it’s all going down this Friday and/or Saturday night – if you’re an adult, that is. If you’re still of the trick-or-treating age, you’ll have to wait for Wednesday, but for all you grown-up ghouls and goblins, get ready to get your party on!


We’ve done a little bit with Halloween makeup and post-party makeup removal already here on the blog, but we would be remiss if we didn’t share Living Aveda’s tips for putting your best face forward on Halloween 2018. So, we are pleased to present 3 Easy Halloween Looks We Love. And honestly? We do love them all!


In just under a minute, Aveda makeup artist Yolie Deisch (Instagram @yolie.salonoriana) transforms fresh-faced and bare-faced model Julianne into a woodland fairy, (ethereal beauty) a scarecrow (so adorable) and an evil queen (glammed up rocker chick with an evil twist) using nothing but Aveda makeup. Quick and easy costume? Don’t mind if we do!

Now obviously these looks are going to take a little longer than a minute to complete – that’s the magic of video – but you get the idea. And the costume to go along with the makeup? As simple as can be.


For the woodland fairy? A pair of gauzy wings and a flower crown paired with a flowy dress or robe. Scarecrow? Straw hat and overalls (all the rage right now!) The evil queen might be a bit higher maintenance, but that’s to be expected from a queen. Still, a tiara/crown, some flash jewelry, and a costume cape in regal purple or red would most definitely get the point across.


So don’t fret if you’re still on the fence about who or what to be, Aveda has you covered. Between this and the other links we’ve posted this week, you should be just fine.


And please do send us pics of your Halloween looks! We’d love to see where your imagination has taken you this year.


As always, thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend! If you’re partying, enjoy, and please do it safely. We look forward to chatting with you again on Tuesday, everyone.


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