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Taking it Off: Halloween Makeup Edition

Welcome to Friday and the start of another weekend!


Now, it technically isn’t the last weekend before Halloween, BUT it is the last weekend before those Halloween parties, right? No one – well, unless you’re trick-or-treating – really celebrates on the 31st, do they? It’s mid-week, and most of us will need to get for work or school on the 1st of November, so if you’re partying it up for the spooky holiday, you will likely be doing it next weekend. Which gives you this weekend to get your costume organized. No pressure, mind you.


On Tuesday we looked at some super cool makeup ideas – both scary and sweet – and if you were inspired by those, we’re really glad! Putting the makeup and the glitter and the false eyelashes or gory scars is one thing…taking all that stuff off is a whole other witch’s cauldron of fish…or something like that…


But, your blogging team is ON IT for you, friends. We really don’t want you to suffer through another second of trying to wipe that goop off your overly tired face, so we’ve done the research for you. All you need to do is take some notes and pick up any supplies in advance of your party. Then, when you arrive home in the wee hours “too tired” (ahem) to figure out how to safely and quickly take off your face, you’re already set with everything you need. That whole planning ahead can be a real bonus sometimes, honestly. So here we go!


PopSugar goes old school with suggestions like Vaseline and Pond’s cold cream (that’s right, cold cream!) because why mess with the classics? Your grandma was probably on to something, honestly. They’ve also got a couple of other ideas that work hardcore to remove that stubborn vampire blood and whatever else Halloween can throw at your face, too.


Allure brings out the big guns with their Halloween makeup removal survival guide, including face oils, a mascara pre-removal oil, and a sonic cleansing brush, ie the belt sander of the makeup removal world. Ok, we’re kidding about that last part, it’s most definitely NOT a belt sander, but if you’re dealing with seriously tough makeup, this is something that might be worth looking into.

Calm is the goal after thick, greasy Halloween makeup!

One thing to remember after all is said and done – and hopefully removed – is to properly cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face too. Taking off the makeup is only the first step, even if it’s technically many steps, but your skin will thank you if, after the makeup is gone, you take the time to give it some TLC.


Look to Aveda for some of that special skin care post-heavy duty Halloween makeup, especially the Tulasāra line, known for its incredible moisturizing and protection properties. Think of the calm concentrate to soothe skin and reduce redness – there is definitely a chance of redness after wearing Halloween makeup all night. And also consider the wedding masque overnight moisturizer to deeply moisturize and brighten skin that’s been overworked and overstressed. 

Deep moisturizing for extreme situations


So now that you know what you need to prepare (seriously, invest in that drugstore cold cream for starters!) you’ll be good to go!

We hope this weekend is a good one for you, friends. Take your time to do what you need to do, especially if the next weekend is going to be a busy one. Even Halloween ghouls need some time to themselves. See you back here on Tuesday.


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