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Evergreen: New Life for an Old(ish) Post

Good morning and Happy Tuesday! It’s the first Tuesday of November, and that is a significant day for our neighbours – or should I say neighbors – to the south. Yes, today, after many, many, MANY months of campaigning, it’s midterm election day in the US of A. So it’s fitting that today we are going to revisit a post that features mindfulness and meditation apps, to combat stress.

This post came about in the summer of 2017, and yes, we do address the fact that summer tends to be less stressful than some of the other seasons, but honestly stresses don’t discriminate, just because it’s sunny out, do they? Nope, not at all. We do tend to associate stress with the upcoming holiday season, given that during the late fall and winter months, we tend to try and pack a lot of events in – whether we want to or not – and that alone can cause stress. Add financial worries to that (the holidays can tend to be a bit on the expensive side) health worries (hello, flu season) and other holiday issues (ah, those relatives) and you’ve got a real recipe for stress and tension.

And we did promise we would up our self-care information for you as we move toward the festive season, so today we present once again our post entitled Got Stress? Help for Reducing Stress and Taking Charge of Your Brain.

And since we write that post, there have been other fantastic apps developed that we can add to the list. Healthline lists some great ones that cover meditation, mindfulness and more for everyone – including kids! Smiling Mind is an app that can be tailored to all ages, and how great would it be to get started on the mindfulness path as a youngster?

This way to calm!

So whether you’re looking to start a full-on daily meditation practice, or you just want a lifeline in a pinch, check out some of these apps and sites to help you find your calm and your peace when things start to get hectic this holiday season.

We can’t stress enough the importance of taking care of YOU. It’s like they say in the flight attendant spiel prior to takeoff. If the oxygen masks are released, take the time to put yours on first before assisting those around you. It’s the perfect metaphor for self-care, honestly. If you’re not breathing, you can’t help others breathe. Think of it that way and it makes a lot of sense outside of the airplane too!

Thanks for reading, everyone. Have a wonderful week, let’s all hope for a positive outcome in the US elections tomorrow, and we’ll see you back here on Friday for a very special post featuring one of our very own Willow team members. You won’t want to miss this, friends, we’re excited!


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