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Fashion and Beauty Inspiration From a Familiar Face!

Good morning and happy Friday morning to you!

On Tuesday we promised something special for today, and we always make good on our promises, so let’s get straight to it.

Some of our favourite things to post here on the blog are videos. Whether they’re DIY makeup or hair tutorials, skincare regimens, or new featured products from Aveda, we absolutely LOVE an instructional!

Most of the time we are looking to strangers for our videos – and there’s nothing wrong with that – but wouldn’t it be great to get a little instruction and inspiration from someone you know? Maybe someone like oh…say…our very own Alanah?!?

Yes! Willow team member Alanah is our featured vlogger and Instagram star today, and we can guarantee you are going to love her online presence just as much as you love her in real life. Which is probably a lot, because she’s so great!

Alanah’s YouTube channel is Alanah Lorraine and features pretty much what it says in the tagline: Fashion Lifestyle Beauty. Join her as she takes you through everything from her morning routine through to her shopping hauls (Forever 21 is a true favourite!) to makeup routines and hairstyling, and, really, everything in between.

Alanah’s energy is just as contagious onscreen as it is in person, and her videos are fun and full of her genuine, positive, and giving spirit. We asked Alanah what her favourite part of being a vlogger is and this is what she told us:

“My favourite part about the vlog/insta world is that I am constantly thinking of new ideas and using these socials as a creative outlet to express myself. I really love how the whole thing makes me feel. Taking photos and creating videos is not only fun and exciting, but it has given me so much to be proud of. I also love creating content that I can share and look back on down the road from now.”

There is definitely an art to creating online content that captures the attention of the viewer, and Alanah has done a fantastic job in perfecting this art.

Inspiration is a two-way street, and while Alanah is inspiring her own viewers with each new video and Instagram post, she also looks to others for inspiration of her own. Favourites for fashion are Tess Christine and Allegra Shaw, and for beauty recommendations and ideas it’s Lauren Elizabeth.

We are so delighted to be able to feature Alanah here on the blog and we encourage you to subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram (@alanahlorraine) for fun and informative fashion, beauty and more.

As always, thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend! Kick it off in the best way possible with one of Alanah’s latest videos, Try On Clothing Haul. You’re going to want to go shopping after this one!

See you back here Tuesday, friends.

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