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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Home Stretch: Celebrate the End of the Celebrations!

Good morning and happy Friday, everyone!   We are in that sweet spot between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and we hope you’ve been enjoying the holidays. If you’re back to work, the routine might seem like a nice change to the busyness of the last few days. Sometimes routine – yes, that thing that…

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Willow Salon Blog Wishes for a Very Merry Christmas

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the weekend! We are down to the final few days before December 25th, and we are most definitely NOT going to ask you “All ready for Christmas?!?” because ready or not, the big day will arrive, and it will be fine and asking whether you’re ready for it puts added, unwanted pressure on…

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Get Energized With Tips from Living Aveda!

Happy Tuesday, friends. And, happy officially one week ‘til Christmas. We hope that hasn’t put you in a tailspin of panic. Nah, you’ve got this, right? Nothing to worry about. And there’s still time to do what you need to do! Lots of it, honestly. Especially if you follow the tips we’re touting here from…

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Early Morning? Just Fake It!

Happy Friday, friends! How are your holiday festivities going? Are you taking care of yourself? Getting good amounts of rest? Eating healthy foods when possible? Drinking lots of water – including between alcoholic beverages? Now, before you roll your eyes in a quintessential “Okay, mom” kind of way, remember that we, your blog team, did…

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Wrap it Up…With Less Stress!

Welcome to Tuesday, everyone! We are back with another informative blog post to (hopefully) help with your stress levels during the festive season.   We know we can’t take away all your stress, but we do hope that by offering a few tips and tricks learned from the web, that you will at least have…

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Start the Party with These Glam Looks

It’s Friday, friends! And not just any Friday, but if you’re in the festive spirit, it might just be holiday party Friday…and Saturday…and maybe even Sunday. Whew, there truly is no rest for the festive!   The holiday shindigs just keep on comin’, don’t they? And, whether you’re heading out to a formal corporate event,…

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More Help for the Holidays

Happy Tuesday, friends. Apologies for the radio silence lately. We are hopefully back for good now after a couple of issues. And, as promised a couple of weeks ago, we are going to help you make the most of your holiday season, by making sure you’re taking care of yourselves. The Living Aveda blog has…

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