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Early Morning? Just Fake It!

Happy Friday, friends!

How are your holiday festivities going? Are you taking care of yourself? Getting good amounts of rest? Eating healthy foods when possible? Drinking lots of water – including between alcoholic beverages?

Now, before you roll your eyes in a quintessential “Okay, mom” kind of way, remember that we, your blog team, did promise you a holiday season filled with tips on taking care of yourself – mind and body. And, like your mom, it’s because we care.

Having said that, of course, we also understand the desire to live life to the fullest, to burn the candle at both ends, etc., etc… And we especially understand it during the holidays. Why NOT make the most of every invitation, every opportunity to go out, to stay out late, to overindulge? You only live once, as they say, and while taking care of yourself IS of utmost importance, we know that living it up is almost as important. Who is with us on that?!? We thought so.

Rise and shine! And look awake, too!

So today we’ll take a little break from our health and mindful kinds of posts to bring you one that can help you when you’ve stayed out a little too late and you have to be on in the morning. We’ve all been there, so let’s have a look at what the pros do to fake it, and who better to ask about how to look awake when you maybe don’t feel awake but TV morning show anchors. Not only do they have to get up at an unholy time of the day (usually the middle of the night, to the rest of us!) but they also have to look really good while doing their job. Now, most of us do try to look our best on the job, of course. But what about those women who are seen bright and early by thousands of people. On TV. On really big TVs. How do they do it?

Obviously, TV people have other TV people to make them look good, but Glamour has a nice roundup of favourite products from some famous TV morning show anchors – stuff they swear by – that helps give them that extra edge. And who doesn’t need/want an extra edge during the holidays?!?

The article, published last month, is called The Beauty Products Morning TV Anchors Swear By to Look Awake, or How to Fake Looking Awake, According to TV Anchors. Nothing wrong with a little fake it ‘til you make it, we always say.

There’s a little bit of everything in here, from toothpaste choices to concealer, to an eye massager (really!) and so much more. There are bound to be a few things you might want to try if you’re planning on a late night with an early wake-up call the next morning.

So go. Live it up, and have a great time! We wouldn’t be the Willow Salon blog if we didn’t remind you to drink water as much as possible, AND always be sure to have a safe way home. Cab, Uber, transit, a designated driver…whatever your plans are, we just want you to be safe. Ok, and well hydrated too.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone. Bask in the glow of the ones you love, and give your friends and family an extra hug or two if you can. ‘Tis the season, after all.

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