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Get Energized With Tips from Living Aveda!

Happy Tuesday, friends. And, happy officially one week ‘til Christmas. We hope that hasn’t put you in a tailspin of panic. Nah, you’ve got this, right? Nothing to worry about. And there’s still time to do what you need to do! Lots of it, honestly. Especially if you follow the tips we’re touting here from Living Aveda!


When you’re feeling like there aren’t enough minutes in the day – especially in December – it’s tempting to make a plan to get up earlier in the morning in an attempt to squeeze some extra time into your busy schedule. It sounds like a great idea. Set the alarm for an hour or 90 minutes (if you’re truly ambitious) earlier in the day. Get straight out of bed, and get right to whatever it is you’re trying to make time to do. Maybe you want to get a head start on wrapping presents. Or perhaps it’s baking or cooking prep time you’re in need of. Maybe you want to check the online shopping deals and do your shopping before sunrise. Whatever your plan is, starting extra early will surely be a game changer, right?


Or will it?


Mornings can be haaaaard, friends. We all know that. There are, of course, people who thrive on early morning wake-ups, and good for them! But even early risers, when faced with an extra early rising time, might suffer a little bit too. And, given that the busy festive season is upon us, we might be finding our nights are a lot later too. Which makes it doubly hard.


If however, you are committed to gaining a little more time in the pre-dawn hours of the day, the Living Aveda blog has some excellent tips to ensure that you make the most of your time AND that you can get out of bed in the first place!


These 6 tips seem like such common sense, but honestly, when you’re feeling super busy common sense often goes straight out the window. So have a look at what Living Aveda is suggesting and see where you can maybe make a wee change or two in order to start bouncing out of bed, feeling energized and ready to start the day.

Our faves? Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast! So often we forget to start our day with food – but we need it! If you’re skipping breakfast because you know you’ve got a festive (ie large) lunch or big dinner plans, maybe think twice. Even just some yogurt or a piece of toast can go a long way to helping you feel nourished and set for the day.


We also love the idea of a new alarm clock. There are some amazing ones on the market including the types that wake you up slowly with nature sounds or soft chimes. If you’re still waking up to a screaming iPhone or (if you’re more old school) a classic rock station, you may want to investigate some other options. When you’re startled out of a deep sleep it’s just so tempting to whack that machine get your snooze on. But, if you’re gently awakened by something a little less jarring, you might just want to get out of bed after all.


And, we wouldn’t be the Willow Salon blog if we didn’t remind you to drink lots of water. Yes, eggnog is amazing, but keep yourself hydrated, friends. Your brain and your muscles will thank you!


Have a wonderful week, everyone. We’ll chat again on Friday.  

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