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Home Stretch: Celebrate the End of the Celebrations!

Good morning and happy Friday, everyone!


We are in that sweet spot between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and we hope you’ve been enjoying the holidays. If you’re back to work, the routine might seem like a nice change to the busyness of the last few days. Sometimes routine – yes, that thing that gets a little mundane occasionally – can be just what we need when life gets a little hectic.


Ah, routine. The past few weeks have made it seem as though routine, or the everyday, might have just been a thing of the past. But things always do return to normal, eventually. And once January hits, well, routine becomes our best friend yet again.


If you’re making plans for the new year, a return to routine might be something you’re craving, and it’s completely understandable.


December can sometimes mean all plans, all routines, all, well everything, go right out the window. Even in spite of our attempts to maintain a sense of normal. As we all know, we’re not always in charge of our plans as much as we’d like to be.


This isn’t to say that our holidays have been awful – not at all! We are usually prepared for an onslaught of hectic times, overindulgences of food and drink, and lots and lots of family and friend interaction. It’s all good! And, the one thing that remains constant with the holiday season is that all these good things must come to an end. We love the festive season, but when that last get together or party is over, we also must admit that we do love to feel that sigh of relief that comes with knowing that everything that’s been crammed into a month is done for now. And life can get back to a more regular pace.

It’s all new, time to shine.

And how do you celebrate that return to normalcy?


A celebration might seem a bit much after all that’s been going on, but let’s talk about a quiet celebration, shall we?


Your celebration might include something like a nice cup of tea and a favourite movie. Or maybe it’s a glass of wine while doing a face or hand mask. Or it might just be a good book and an early night. These are all fabulous ways to signify to yourself that the holidays are on their way out (see you next year!) and your body – and your mind – can get back on track to start 2019 in the best way possible.


And we realize that on December 28th it’s possibly a little early to start thinking about wrapping things up for the year. There are still a few days to get in those celebrations, including the most celebratory day of the year, New Year’s Eve. But, what we’d like to do for you today, is to get you thinking about what you want to do once the ball drops and the noisemakers are silenced. How do you want to celebrate the end of the celebrations? Give it some thought, and if you’re inspired, let us know in the comments!

Enjoy the remainder of 2018, friends. Be excellent to each other. We’ll see you back here on the first day of 2019! 

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