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Wrap it Up…With Less Stress!

Welcome to Tuesday, everyone! We are back with another informative blog post to (hopefully) help with your stress levels during the festive season.


We know we can’t take away all your stress, but we do hope that by offering a few tips and tricks learned from the web, that you will at least have a few extra minutes to yourself throughout the holidays.


Today we want to talk a little bit about the stress of gift wrap. That’s right. Gift wrap.


For 99% of the calendar year, most of us are pretty diligent citizens of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Once December hits, though, all that hard work often goes right out the window. We are overwhelmed by shopping, decorating, baking, and entertaining, and sometimes our good habits are a little bit lacking.


For instance, we are all pretty good at this point in our lives about taking our own bags to the grocery store, but what about to the mall? If you’re going to be doing a few sessions of intense holiday shopping, it makes sense to take along a few reusable bags, but a quick look around the shopping centre usually tells us that most consumers are still accepting bags from retailers. And it’s ok, we get it! There is a LOT to remember this time of year, and at the same time, who among us has a reusable shopping bag big enough to carry a PS4? Or a giant Lego set?


For some people, the excess plastic, the amount of non-recyclable gift bags and wrap can be serious causes of stress. If your weekly garbage output is typically quite minimal, it can be a bit of a shock to witness the overflow that comes with all the goings-on of December.


In order to help alleviate some of that stress, we’ve rounded up a few links to give you some alternative ideas for gift wrapping that will have the super-recycler in you feeling pumped! It is possible!


The Art of Simple has some great examples of wrapping ideas that don’t add to landfill. Things like cloth wrapping “paper” that can even become part of the gift, using plain (recyclable) paper that you can decorate yourself, or reusable containers that can be great for edible holiday gifts (think homemade cookies or jars of delicious soup!)

Handy ideas! Photo from The Art of Simple.

Inhabitat also has some great ideas that incorporate reusable – and useful – items like flowerpots, old calendars or maps (interesting!) and reusable gift bags, and EcoCult offers 15 eco-friendly gift wrap ideas and a list of everyday household items that we all have lying around that can make excellent additions to gifts and gift wrapping.


Finally, of course, we also have the fabulous Aveda gifts at Willow that come prepackaged in sustainable, reusable and recyclable paper packages, which not only take the stress away from excess packaging, they also can take the stress out of gift buying in the first place. Beautifully wrapped already, and with amazing Aveda products inside, what could be better?!

If you were worried about all that Christmas morning clutter and overpackaging making your household waste limits climb, we hope this look at some alternative ways to wrap those holiday gifts has hit the spot for you.


And, if you are already a reusable item gift wrapper, we would love to hear your ideas! Leave us a comment with your tips on how to eliminate as much waste as possible this holiday season!


Thanks for reading, everyone. Wishing you a simple, easy, rest of the week, and we’ll chat again on Friday.


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