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Monthly Archives: January 2019

The V Word: Prep for Valentine’s Day With Aveda

Good morning from a very, very snowy #HamOnt! Lots of the white stuff fell from the sky and swirled around for most of Monday, leaving us with yet another winter wonderland out there. And then there’s the cold, too. This week is going to be particularly freezing, but at least the snow stays nice and…

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The Best Ingredients for the Best Outcome

If you’ve made a plan to try to be healthier for 2019, you are certainly not alone. The new year is the most popular time for people to set goals and make resolutions to take better care of themselves. September is another popular time for this, of course, what with us all having been through…

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Tutorial Tuesday: Quick Hairstyle Alert!

Are you poking your head out from under the covers to read this? We don’t need to tell you how cold it’s been this past weekend and to start the week. Some of the coldest days we’ve seen in a long time – at least since last winter. There does tend to be a general…

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Warm Up With Colour!

Hi everyone, welcome to the deep freeze!   With temperatures in the minuses – the double-digit minuses, that is – and at least 10cm of snow expected for the weekend, our thoughts might just turn to ideas to warm us up. There are the usual, of course: hot beverages, warm scarves, blankets, and just staying…

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Get Beautifying, Your Body Will Thank You.

Do you ever get the feeling that we often take parts of ourselves for granted?   That might be a bit heavy to start our week, and apologies for hitting you with that right off the bat, but if you think about it, we spend a lot of time taking care of certain areas and…

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Sunny Days and Tips for Lips!

Good morning and happy Friday once again!   It feels as though winter has finally arrived in our neck of the woods, doesn’t it? After a December that was relatively warm (you know, for the winter) January has plunged us right into a deep freeze. The tradeoff is that at least we are getting to…

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Golden Girls and Boys at the Golden Globes

You know the holidays have officially ended when BAM. All of a sudden it’s awards season once again!   The first ceremony in a (relatively) long series of awards ceremonies, was held Sunday night. The Golden Globes, always considered a slightly more casual and definitely boozier night than, say, the Oscars is a favourite among…

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Two Icons Get a Makeover…Read All About It!

Hello, friends, and welcome to the first Friday of the new year! Ah, Friday. We get one every week, but somehow that first one always seems to be special. Never mind that this “work week” was literally only three days long, that is immaterial. It’s still Friday, you still made it to Friday, so that…

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Happy New Year! Happy New Hair?

Good morning and a very Happy New Year to you all! Welcome to the first full day of a brand new year! Isn’t it great? An entire 365 days full of fresh new possibilities, changes, plans, hopes, and dreams.   Out with the old and in with the new, and no matter what your previous…

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