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Happy New Year! Happy New Hair?

Good morning and a very Happy New Year to you all! Welcome to the first full day of a brand new year! Isn’t it great? An entire 365 days full of fresh new possibilities, changes, plans, hopes, and dreams.


Out with the old and in with the new, and no matter what your previous year was like, it’s always so refreshing to start anew with a blank calendar or journal, take your pen or pencil and start to make your plans.


If one of your plans involves a new look, you have come to the right place. Today is the perfect day to consider what you want for your hair for 2019, so let us help you get started finding what you want!


Why is January 1st the perfect day to research a new hairstyle? Well, nothing is open, is it? Ok sure, you can online shop BUT you’ve done a lot of that, no doubt! Why not spend today lounging, snacking on leftover New Year’s Eve treats and sipping coffee or leftover bubbly (haha just kidding, as if there is any leftover bubbly, right?!?) and taking some time to figure out what you want for your hair for this coming year!


Are you looking to make a big change, a big chop? Or maybe it’s colour you’re thinking of? Perhaps you’re making a resolution to grow, grow, grow it out!

If it’s focusing on the care and feeding of your hair that you’re most interested it, check back here a bit later in the month when we’ll hine a good roundup of hair care ideas for the winter, but for now, let’s chat a bit about what’s going to be hot in hair for 2019!

We consulted a few of our favourite style sites to see what they have to say about the latest and up and coming looks for this year, and they did not disappoint.


InStyle, always a reliable go-to for what’s hot gives us a smokin’ slideshow that features everything from beachy waves – “next level” beachy waves, in their own words – to sleek updos, higher than high ponytails, and curtain bangs. Whew. Curtain bangs also make an appearance in Refinery29’s fab list of hairstyles everyone will be wanting/wearing this year. They also give a nod to the grown-out pixie (a little longer than your typical pixie cut) and the ever-popular mid-length long bob or lob. That style is evergreen, honestly, it seems to have appeared on every “hot” list for the past few years. It’s no surprise, of course, this is an extremely versatile look and one that, if you’re on the grow it out team, you might want to consider as your 2019 look!


Finally, we took a look at what ELLE has to say, and they kick things off with the return of the beehive (honestly!) as well as a look at taking accessorizing to the extreme. In fact, all three sites tout hair accessories – and the more the merrier – as a big 2019 trend, so stock up on your barrettes, bobby pins, rhinestone clips, combs, and more to glam it up in style!


Now, this might seem just a little overwhelming if you were up late last night, as we are sure a lot of you were! And there is no pressure of course, but since the first day of the new year is typically a time to reflect and plan, we thought we would help you take that first step. January is the perfect time to find your style for the year, and once you’ve given it some thought and you’re ready to take the plunge, call Willow to set up your appointment, and start your new year with a bang! Or no bangs! Whatever you want! (See what we did there? Bangs? Get it?)


Enjoy today, friends. We’re happy you’re here with us for another trip around the sun, and we look forward to seeing you in person and here on the blog throughout 2019. Go get ‘em, blogfriends. This is your year.

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