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Sunny Days and Tips for Lips!

Good morning and happy Friday once again!


It feels as though winter has finally arrived in our neck of the woods, doesn’t it? After a December that was relatively warm (you know, for the winter) January has plunged us right into a deep freeze. The tradeoff is that at least we are getting to see the sun, and we hope that those grey, damp days are somewhat behind us.

Winter sun can help our mood and outlook.

If your mood improves with the sun, you’re not alone. Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, can have a real impact on your life. For those with SAD, it’s not just a wish for more days of sunshine and warmth, it’s a type of depression that occurs at the same time every year, and clinicians and researchers believe it is due to the lack of exposure to natural sunlight which is fairly typical in this part of the world during the winter months. You can read more about Seasonal Affective Disorder here on the CAMH website, and, as always, if you think this is something that might be affecting your life of the life of someone you know, help is available.


Since light therapy seems to be one of the treatments, it’s worth noting that the Hamilton Public Library offers light therapy lamps in some of their branches. You can just go, grab a book or magazine, pull up a chair and bathe yourself in soothing, therapeutic light. If more “me time” was on your list of goals or resolutions for 2019, this is a perfect solution. Decompress AND help banish the grey days at the same time.


For more on banishing the grey – no, we’re not talking about hair this time – we have a lovely Friday video for you from Aveda’s YouTube channel, all about creating the perfect lip for day or night, featuring one of Aveda’s partners, the lovely Antonnette, and using products and colours from Aveda’s amazing Feed My Lips collection.


Antonnette takes us to an Aveda salon where she receives a quick lip makeover featuring prep, prime, liner, and colour, then takes us home where she recreates the look, but this time making it a little bolder, in preparation for her date.

Prep is SO important, not only for long-lasting lip colour, but also for locking in moisture in these frigid temperatures. Treat your lips like you treat the rest of your face and body – moisturize, moisturize, moisturize – and you’ll avoid those awful chapped and cracked lip situations!


It’s a rough time of year here in Ontario, the elements can really take their toll on body, mind, and soul, but we’re all in it together, friends. Lift each other up, and be sure to check in on friends and family members as you can, to see how they are coping in the cold depths of winter.


Enjoy the weekend, everyone. We’ll see you back here on Tuesday!


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