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Tutorial Tuesday: Quick Hairstyle Alert!

Are you poking your head out from under the covers to read this? We don’t need to tell you how cold it’s been this past weekend and to start the week. Some of the coldest days we’ve seen in a long time – at least since last winter.

There does tend to be a general sense of weather amnesia or at least weather forgetfulness every winter when we are shocked – SHOCKED – that the temperatures dip way below freezing. Perhaps it’s a survival instinct and it keeps us all from leaving here and moving someplace much, much warmer.

Whatever it is, at least we know that temperatures like the ones from the weekend and yesterday are a) generally pretty rare and b) usually short-lived and so we can get back to our hovering around 0C world soon enough.

And, of course, we do know that very few of us have the luxury to stay in bed and under the covers no matter how cold it gets. Work and school and appointments and errands all still have to happen despite the weather. Sad but true. But, today at least we’ve got a short, cute, and helpful video to share with you, and that should help brighten the day!

Say hello to Page Danielle as she teaches us the basics of the messy bun!

Often our weekend go-to hairstyle, the messy bun is extremely versatile, and, as Page shows us, it doesn’t have to be just for those hanging around the house days at all.

The best part about this video is that the Aveda products she uses are the perfect ones for cold, dry winter days. Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair Treatment and Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil are both amazing for adding intense hydration and reducing frizz, flyaways, and static. The bane of our winter existence!

Page finishes with a few sprays of Air Control, and there you have it. Bam. Easy. Cute.

Do you messy bun it up sometimes? Want to share your tips? Let us know in the comments, we always love to hear from you!

Stay warm, friends, and stay positive too. Winter isn’t so bad, after all. We’ll get through it all together.


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