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Two Icons Get a Makeover…Read All About It!

Hello, friends, and welcome to the first Friday of the new year! Ah, Friday. We get one every week, but somehow that first one always seems to be special. Never mind that this “work week” was literally only three days long, that is immaterial. It’s still Friday, you still made it to Friday, so that is always something to celebrate.


And speaking of celebrations, we aren’t sure if you’ve noticed, what with all the hustle and bustle and hubbub of the holidays, BUT two of our favey faves got makeovers recently! New year, new ‘poo (and conditioner!) for both Shampure and Rosemary Mint!


Hold on, we can hear you say, what do you mean “makeovers”? And it’s true. Both the Shampure and Rosemary mint shampoos and conditioners were pretty great to begin with, what’s with changing things up? But don’t worry. There are a couple of changes to formulations and the look of the products, but you’re going to love what Aveda has done.


The good people at the Living Aveda blog have an excellent Q and A about what’s new and what’s different, and we are going to go ahead and answer what we feel might just be your first and most important question here and say YES, the aromas of both are still the same!


Whew. Rosemary Mint and Shampure are virtually iconic in the Aveda lineup and we are happy to say you will still experience the same invigorating aroma you’ve always loved with Rosemary Mint and the same soothing and fresh aroma with Shampure.

The names have changed slightly, making it easier for anyone new to Aveda to determine which products are best suited to their hair, so Nurturing was added to Shampure, and Rosemary Mint shampoo is now known as Purifying, and the conditioner is Weightless. It’s always good to be clear!


The packaging is a little different too, and we think you’ll enjoy the new look!


For more about what to expect with these great products, read all about it on the Living Aveda blog. And then, experience it for yourself the next time you’re at Willow!

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