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Advice for Taking a Slower Pace This Weekend

It’s Friday once again and this time it’s that most glorious of Fridays, the Friday of a long weekend! Family Day is here once more and just in time, to be quite honest. The month of December that holds the bulk of our long weekends and holidays is a distant memory by now, and February, while the shortest of the months, almost always feels extra long. Why is that? Could it be, oh maybe it’s because of the WEATHER?!? Probably. We’ve had our share of bonkers weather lately, and those grey days just seem to drag on and on.


BUT. As we said, it’s the beginning of the long weekend and if you don’t already have plans, may we suggest doing…nothing. Nothing. At. All.

Take it from a snail!

Now, as it’s Family Day, you might have made plans to spend time with the family, and that’s great. And that’s just one day. What about the rest of the weekend? Would it be possible for you to find a day in there – or even part of a day – to just focus on you? We really hope it is!


Long weekends always seem like a great idea until you pack so much into them that they become even busier than a regular weekend, and you’re back to work Tuesday thinking “What the heck happened, why do I feel like I just worked another full week?!”


Don’t, if you can possibly help it, let that happen this time! Take a little advice from the Living Aveda blog – and us! – and treat your weekend like the downtime it’s supposed to be.


We’re starting with Weekend Morning Self-Care Ideas from Living Aveda because there are some great tips listed here. You might read through them and think ok, well I already do these things, but something that can happen when you see the words written down is that they become less about the duties that need to be done (walk the dog, make breakfast, etc.) and more about the act of doing them, or even the ritual of participating in these events.


If that sounds a little strange and a little “out there,” hear us out!


Most of the time we operate on autopilot, thinking about what we need to do, checking things off our lists, all of that. If we slow down, these everyday tasks can become meditative and less like work. Take, for example, making a cup of tea or a pot of coffee. If you’re like most people, you fill the kettle or the coffee maker and then you walk away to do a bunch of other things while the water boils, the coffee drips. And, if you’re like a lot of people, you get distracted while those other things are happening, so much so that you might even forget that you put the kettle on, and by the time you get back, the water has boiled and is back to being tepid again, and you need to start all over again.

Good advice for this weekend and always

But, what if you stayed there and just waited? Does that seem like wasted time? Time when you could be getting other things done? Good. That’s the point! We spend a lot of our days rushing from one thing to another, multitasking, trying to do it all. Take 10 minutes to wait for a kettle of water to boil, and another few to make the tea, and still another several to sip it. All while focusing only on that one thing.

It might be hard to do at first, but we believe in you!


We’re a culture of getting it all done and getting it all done at once, but taking some time for yourself isn’t selfish and it isn’t even lazy as the article suggests. Lazy is a complicated word because we’ve always been taught that it’s terrible to be lazy, you need to be doing something all the time! So let’s change that mindset from a negative to a positive, and recognize that we all need downtime. We’re not lazy, we’re just taking it slow.


Slow down this weekend, look around, and see where you can apply the brakes, even just briefly. It’s necessary for health and peace of mind to find that quiet breathing space. Enjoy every moment, and we’ll chat again on Tuesday, friends.

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