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Flashback Friday: Get Cleaning!

Good Friday morning, everyone!

We’re back with another lifehack kind of post – or, as they used to call them back in the day, household hints. We’re not sure when that changed, but we do have to admit that lifehack does sound like household hints’ cooler cousin, so we’ll roll with it.

This time we want to revisit a post from 2017 all about cleaning, but specifically cleaning those things that we don’t clean on the regular, and that is our makeup brushes and sponges.

If we took a survey with a show of virtual hands, how many of you would say you clean your brushes/sponges on a regular basis? Weekly? Monthly? Annually? Never? We’re not judging, of course, but we always think it’s good to have a little reminder now and then, and this post from September 2017 is a nice roundup of tips and tricks to get those brushes – including your hairbrush – squeaky clean. Clean means less chance of bacteria and clean also means makeup goes on a lot smoother too.

So take a look at this blast-from-the-past and start February (yes, February already!) on a nice clean note.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. Make the most of it by doing whatever brings you the most happiness!

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