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Get All The Info and the Inspo at NYFW!

One of our favourite weeks of the year is upon us, and we are super stoked to be celebrating – and a celebration it truly is – New York Fashion Week! Also known as NYFW to its friends, just so you know…


It is indeed a celebration of all things fashion, in with the new and sometimes in with the old, and always always ALWAYS in with the fashionable and the what to expect to see in stores, on runways, and in the fashion mags in the coming months.


NYFW is a kind of bananas alternate universe that seems to run solely on caffeine, glitter, and hairspray, and if you’re on the inside it is likely SO EXHAUSTING. But, for those of us on the outskirts of it all, it seems exhilarating and glamorous and very, very chic. And one of the best ways to follow all the goings on of this epic week is to follow the NYFW instagram account. (@nyfw, in case you’re interested in following along!)


It’s so great because you get all the highlights each day of the big week, as well as lots of information about the various shows including instastories of the walks, celebrity sightings, and on-the-nose commentary about the trends that are guaranteed to show up soon in your fashion world. So even those of us very far-removed from NYFW can experience a little bit of what it’s like. Living vicariously is pretty great, and we love our ability to be an armchair fashion critic.


You can also follow along with #OverheardatNYFW for some great quips and quotes like “It’s NYFW – I work 48-hour days” and, one of our faves, “I only cut my hair on certain moons.” Because why not?!?


It’s bizarre and surreal, but we cannot look away! And, amidst all the really wild stuff are some great things to look forward to in the upcoming season. Rich colours and luxurious textures like timeless tweed are amazing in structured suits. We’ve seen some sleek, classic hair in the form of low chignons, and low ponytails too. Bright bags – also structured and business-like – were also very hot. Mix and match prints and some very romantic-looking makeup are our highlights so far, although there are still a couple of days to go.


We highly recommend following NYFW on Instagram, and, of course, any and all of your favourite designers if you’re not already doing so. It’s just the thing to brighten up your world in this overly ice-stormy and dreary February. (As an aside, can we talk about this weather? Yikes.) Get fashion, hair, and makeup inspiration to last long after the final snowbanks melt, friends. And, we’ll see you back here Friday for more blog fun. Take good care this week, everyone.

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