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New Product Alert: Brow Definer = WOW Definer!

It’s not news that full, well-defined, and expertly shaped eyebrows are having a moment or two right now. In fact, cultivated and groomed brows have been featured for quite some time, and hours of screen time have been spent trying to recreate the perfect brow. We see brow bars – establishments and shops dedicated exclusively to creating the perfect brow for you – popping up in cities everywhere these days. A quick Google search for “brows” will return a LOT of results in Hamilton alone, as well as tutorials and tips for fabulous brows and how to wear them. As well, there is no shortage of brow elixirs, shapers, brushes and techniques all designed to give you that perfect arch.


And, you can add a new product from Aveda to your toolbox to get the best brows you can!


Introducing Aveda’s brow definer, a wonderful new addition to the Aveda makeup team! Available in four shades (more if you decide to mix them up a bit) and 100% naturally-derived and vegan, brow definer will help you take your brows to the next level.


From the website:


  • Innovative angle tip design delivers the ultimate in customized, versatile application.
  • Use the point end to outline and shape and the flat edge to fill your brows for a defined, natural look
  • Custom spooley end, balancing width and firmness, seamlessly blends color
  • Ophthalmologist-tested

AND it’s smudge proof, as well as water, sweat, and humidity-resistant. This might not be a big deal right now, but summer is coming, and so are the super sweaty days and nights, so why not get started right now?!


There’s more information about brow definer on the website, including a colour chart to help you determine the best shade for you (and your hair colour!)


So whether you’re taking brow matters into your own hands, or you’re getting a little help from the professionals, consider adding Aveda’s brow definer to your makeup kit! Even professionally done brows need a little assistance now and again, and this is a great tool to have on hand for touch-ups or when you just need a little extra drama in your life – and in your brows!


Have a great week, friends. Stay warm and cosy, as much as possible, and we’ll see you again on Friday to kick off the first weekend of March! Yes, March! See you then!


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