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Pop Quiz Time! What’s Your Aveda Aroma Personality?

Good morning and we do hope you have thawed out now! What a wild few days – it seems we’ve said that a few times already this winter! We had school and workplace closures and police and road maintenance crews advising us to stay off the roads if at all possible. Of course that isn’t possible for everyone, lots of us do have to venture out, and we hope you took all the precautions necessary for a trip out in the elements.


And, even though (at the time of this writing, anyway) we are still under a winter weather advisory (what next, honestly!?) at least it’s Friday!


It’s been a rough week, so we’d like to end it on a fun note, and what’s more fun than a quiz? Ummm, lots of things, you might be thinking. Well, true. But, we promise you won’t be graded on this one, and it has to do with Aveda, so we’ll understand if you’d like to change your answer now!

Living Aveda has created a fun little pop quiz for us to find the Aveda aroma that complements our personality! Now, you might be thinking, “All of them, duh!” and honestly, we are totally on board with that! But, if you would like to narrow it down just a bit – to one of the three most popular and beloved Aveda aromas – you can find the quiz right here:


Which Aveda Aroma Complements Your Personality?


And, of course, once you’ve found your answers, feel free to share them with us in the comments! We’re dying to know if you’re more Rosemary Mint (hello, bundle of energy!) or if Cherry Almond speaks to you and your sweet, sweet self. Or, maybe you are the bringer of good vibes, always, just like Shampure!


So take your newfound Aveda aroma and personality knowledge into the weekend, and give it all you’ve got! We hope it’s a great one, friends.

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