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Colour Your World: Spring Fashion Sneak Peek

Happy Tuesday, and if you are on March Break, we hope you’re having a lovely time away from work and/or school. If you’re not on March Break, well, we feel you (we aren’t either) but we hope you can take solace in the fact that traffic is a little lighter, and buses are a little less full if you’re a transit commuter. Silver linings and all that.


We’ve had our “Spring Forward” as of Sunday, and so the days are a little longer now, which always gives us a bit of a lift. The days are also a little warmer, and while we don’t want to get our hopes too high, there is definitely a spring like feeling happening out there, you can’t deny it.


Winter has been going on for ages, it seems, and one of the ways we know that we’ve just about had enough is our feelings towards our winter coats and handbags. Let’s see a show of hands: who is sick to death of their coat by now? Sick of your winter handbag too, perhaps? We completely agree. And even if you have more than one of each – say a casual coat and a dress one – there comes a time when you just don’t want to even look at it anymore! We are ready for something else, something fresh and maybe even something with COLOUR! Can we guess the colour of your coat? Wait now, is it black? Grey? Navy blue? Very dark green? If you answered yes to any of these colours, the kind that blend into the cold dark skies of winter, well you’re not alone. And don’t even get us started on those dark, salt-stained purses. It’s definitely time for something new and today we’ve got a few Spring coat and bag roundups that should satisfy your thirst for colour and warm temperatures for the next little while.


Vogue UK has a lovely gallery of spring jackets, blazers and coats that are giving us all the feels. There is a definite trend to longer lines in jackets, along with the traditional bomber styles and we are here for it. There is an elegance to a mid-length jacket, especially in a bright hue, and Vogue has some great examples for us!


For a more casual vibe, be sure to check out the styles featured on MarieClaire. Get your denim on, as well as your colourful windbreaker, classic leather biker styles, and more! 


For handbags, InStyle has the BEST roundup and features dozens of bright, beautiful and bold bags in the trendiest shapes and styles. It’s a one-stop shopping gallery, honestly.


So great to see all the colour! Deep down we know in our hearts that we still have some winter to live through, but oh wow isn’t it nice to dream of sundresses, light jackets, and pretty, pretty handbags. Keep dreaming, friends, it’s what gets us through!

Have a wonderful week, everyone. Enjoy it all, whatever that means for you. And we will chat again on Friday.

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