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March, Breaking

We are so glad it’s Friday, how about you? It has felt like a very long week, and we’re not sure why. Maybe because of the cold? Shivering all the time is exhausting, honestly. And so is constantly getting into your winter coat, boots, scarf, hat, mittens…whew. Winter is a LOT of work, and we long for the days of light jackets and regular shoes and leaving the house carefree without undertaking the Herculean task of getting all that gear on. It will come, friends, we promise. Spring always does, and at least we are starting to see a few of the signs.


We’ve heard reports of robin sightings (those poor little fellas are probably chilled to the bone!) and some of the other birds – cardinals and blue jays in particular – are starting to make their “springtime sounds.” It’s definitely not pitch black at 7:00 am anymore, and the clocks go ahead tomorrow night (don’t forget!) so we’ll have an extra hour of daylight. AND, finally, the temperatures will be rising to above freezing – by Sunday WELL above freezing – and that means that those mountains of snow and ice will finally start to shrink. Ah, Spring. It’s not far off now, friends. And if you’re someone getting a jump on the nice weather by spending your March Break in a friendlier climate, we both envy and congratulate you.


If you are jetting off someplace lovely and warm, don’t forget to take some Aveda with you when you go! It’s been ages – at least it feels like ages – since we’ve been able to recommend some of the Aveda sun products for body and hair, and it feels really nice to be able to remind you to grab those to make your life easier when you’re away from home.

The melting starts now, Spring is closer than ever!

Keep your hair protected with Aveda’s sun care protective hair veil, which helps prevent drying and harmful UV rays. Or, the all-in-one sun care hair and body cleanser that helps remove chlorine and salt from both your hair and your skin. It’s always good to travel with those double-duty kinds of products, and this is one you shouldn’t leave behind. Find all the Aveda sun products here and keep yourself well protected for the duration of your vacation.


You might also want to check out the Living Aveda blog and their Spring Break Beauty Essentials for even more ideas for maintaining healthy hair and skin while you’re away.


And, if you’re not heading off on a trip of some sort, well, we feel you, friends. This winter has seemed endless, so put on some fun summer music, bust out your blender for some summery cocktails, and do your best to pretend. Winter can’t last forever, right? RIGHT???


Whatever your plans are, have a wonderful weekend, everyone. For those of you still in the area, we’ll be here on Tuesday for more blog fun! See you back here then.

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