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Red Carpet Roundup

Good Friday morning and welcome to March! Yes, already!


So on Tuesday, we didn’t talk about the Oscars because we were super excited to introduce you to Aveda’s newest stunner in the makeup collection, the brow definer. And we hope you’ve had a chance to check it out!


BUT. We can’t not talk about the Oscars, so…let’s talk!


Did you watch the broadcast? It was definitely an interesting year with no host and a few surprise winners, but what we want to talk about, of course, is the fashion on the red carpet.

Winner for, you know, everything

For red carpet roundups, Vogue never disappoints, and they have a fantastic slideshow that begins Lady Gaga. What did you think of her look that night? She is always one to inspire polar opposite views (we are hesitant to say “love her or hate her” because honestly, we shouldn’t hate) but we think we can all come to an agreement that her hair, makeup, and dress (oooh that dress!) were 100% on point for the ceremony. A bit of a nod to old Hollywood looks of the past with that sleek updo too!


Another fave who always looks amazing is JLo, and last Sunday night was NO. EXCEPTION. We love how she almost always keeps her hair simple yet stunning, and again, that dress! Someone on Twitter mentioned she looked like a sexy disco ball and who are we to disagree?!

Tessa Thompson looking glorious

We also loved seeing Serena Williams on the red carpet in an incredible figure-enhancing Armani Prive gown, with that perfectly sleek and elegant ponytail. Truly the greatest athlete of all time AND super stylish too!


We also could not get enough of Tessa Thompson in stunning Chanel Couture, looking like a statuette herself! But the hands-down favourite had to have been Billy Porter – and didn’t we also say that at the Golden Globes???) – in an incredible Christian Siriano tuxedo gown! Go home, everyone else, Billy won the night.


Last but definitely not least we want to talk about Glenn Close in her amazing Caroline Herrera gown. If Tessa Thompson looked like a statuette, Glenn looked like an actual Oscar! That gold! That train! Absolutely stunning, and she OWNED that look.


So tell us, who were your favourites? What did you love, what did you think needed some work? We love a good red carpet debrief, so leave us a comment and let’s chat about it!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. Think Spring!


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