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Round Out Your Week With An Easy Breezy Hair Tutorial!

Good morning everyone, and welcome back to the blog…and to Friday!


If it has felt like an extra long week to you, you’re not alone in that feeling! Somehow that spring-ahead hour really does a number on us. And it’s just an hour! Who would think it could have such an impact?


Anyway, if you’ve been dragging all week, today we’ve got a nice little video tutorial that is all about keeping things simple.


Beauty blogger Hiliana Devila has a quick and fun hairstyle tutorial that will give you some ideas and put a smile on your face.


She is styling second day hair (at least!) which is honestly one of our favourite things to do. Those days where you know you can sleep in just a little longer or linger over that extra coffee because your hair requires less attention than usual? Perfection.


Hiliana starts with Shampure dry shampoo, and the great thing is that she spends a little extra time massaging the product into her hair and scalp which is a really great kind of self-care. A head massage always feels so good and it’s a great way to start your day. As Hiliana says it helps increase blood flow, so basically it gets your brain jumping which is just what everyone needs to start their day!


From there she moves to Texture Tonic and a few spritzes of that help define and hold the curls she creates using a curling wand.


Then it’s just finger combing the waves, and that is that. Easy peasy.


If you’re feeling like you need something this classic and this and easy to finish off the week and launch you into the weekend, we are glad to help! Hiliana makes it look so easy – and it honestly is – and it takes very little time too. We love it. And we can’t finish off talking about this video without drawing attention to that makeup! Those eyes and that gorgeous red lip? Outstanding!


So enjoy the video and if you can, plan to take things a little slower to end off the week. And, of course, have a great weekend! We’ll chat again on Tuesday.

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