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Aveda: A Leader Among Litres

Good morning, friends! We are halfway through Earth Month and we have yet another treat for you! Aveda really does pull out all the stops during April with new products and features, and of course, Willow follows suit with our raffle for a gift basket and our fabulous braid bar (which continues this coming Saturday, of course!)


Today we want to talk about something that Aveda has coined called Litreship. Not leadership, although if you participate in Litreship, you are also a leader in helping the environment, using less plastic, and producing less waste. Confused? Allow us to illuminate!

Stock up on litres, save money AND reduce plastic waste!

You probably already know you can buy the majority of Aveda’s shampoos and conditioners in litre sizes. These are the big ones, similar to what you see at the shampoo station in the salon. Buying your products in the litre format is a definite money saver and you will, in fact, save over 20% per ounce. If you do the math (and fortunately Aveda has done that for us) it works out to one in every five shampoos is free, basically. And, they’ve done even more math for us, and that works out to at least 24 free shampoos (obviously we are talking shampoo here, conditioner mileage may vary…)

And, not only this but during April (Earth Month) if you buy two litres, you can choose from a select few styling products FOR FREE. For. Free. Honestly! This is a fantastic deal, and a lovely way to say ‘thank you’ for choosing Aveda and choosing litres.

Buying litres also shows your commitment to using less plastic. A litre bottle – that you have to replace far less frequently than its smaller cousins – means less waste and less overall packaging which is something to feel good about not only during Earth Month, but year round.


So the next time you’re weighing your options at the salon and deciding which size to get, think about Litreship and environmental Leadership too, and take the plunge into the litre size. Get great hair week after week (you will honestly be stunned at how long one of those babies will last!) and reduce the amount of plastic you’re consuming. Nothing better!


Enjoy the week, everyone! We’ll chat again on Friday, and until then, treat the earth – and each other – as gently as you can.

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