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Beat the Heat: Relief For Your Hair, New From Aveda

Hello, and welcome to Tuesday!


Every so often when writing this blog it feels like Christmas. Honestly! As in, sometimes there are so many gifts from Aveda, that every week, every month, it seems like we are getting showered with new and exciting products, and today is no different!


As we said in a previous post, Spring is the time for rebirth and renewal and everything new and Aveda really does take that to heart.


It was only last week that we introduced you all to Rinseless Refresh, and now today we’ve got something else to be excited about! And, to be perfectly honest, there are a couple of other things we could write about that are new and about to emerge, but we will restrain ourselves and just talk today about Aveda’s new Heat Relief!

Beat the heat! Heat Relief protects, softens, and detangles too.

It might seems strange to think about relief from the heat just yet when we are barely into Spring, and the temperatures really have yet to rise to anything even remotely uncomfortable. But, this Heat Relief has to do with your hair, and we think it will be an amazing addition to the already wonderful Aveda lineup of products designed to protect your hair.


Heat Relief comes at a fantastic time, too. If you think about drying your hair, it’s really the winter months that can wreak havoc on your ‘do. It’s freezing cold outside, so there is very little chance you are air drying your hair. If you’re like most people in this northern hemisphere, the winter months are perfect for busting out the blow dryer every time you wash your hair, right? Who wants wet hair to go out into the cold? Likely no one! As well, even if you’re just staying home, that cold damp hair on your neck can really bring the chill. No thank you, bring on the heat styling until we can’t bear it anymore!


So new Heat Relief can definitely help with that. If you’re still heat styling – because it’s not yet that warm out there – this is the product for you.


Spray on damp hair before styling, and this sweet, gorgeous-smelling little product will protect your hair against damage that heat styling can cause. Jojoba and sunflower seed oils also help to soften and detangle as you style. This is the perfect time to get this kind of help for hair, and we couldn’t be happier to see it in the salon.

Beautiful braids for Earth Month!

Enjoy the week, friends, and don’t forget our braid bar for Water Aid Canada continues this Saturday, 8am-3pm. Five dollars gets you a 15-minute appointment and some lovely braids you can feel very good about. We’re also selling raffle tickets for an amazing Aveda gift basket valued at $250.00. Make plans to visit Willow this weekend so you don’t miss out on that opportunity!


See you back here on Friday, everyone!


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