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DIY Friday: Braids, braids, braids!

Happy Friday, everyone, and let’s all try not to pay any attention to the freezing rain that is allegedly on its way. Nuh-uh, not happening!


Ah, if only it were that easy. As it is, there is potential for some nastier weather than we would like this time of year, so if you’re out and about, especially driving, please do take care. And for now, we can dream of warmer, lovelier weather to come. (Tomorrow, please, if possible!)

Beautiful braids for Earth Month!

Tomorrow is going to be a better day in a whole lot of ways, actually. First, because it’s Saturday, and second, because tomorrow marks the kick-off day for our braid bar!

To celebrate Earth Month and to raise funds for Water Aid Canada, Willow is offering a 15-minute braiding appointment every Saturday between 9 am and 3 pm, for five dollars – yes, five dollars – and it all starts tomorrow.


So, in order to inspire you, we have rounded up some excellent braid tutorials courtesy of Aveda’s YouTube channel!


Take a look at these fabulous creations and see what might work for you. Give them a try! We’ve said it before and we’ll continue to say it, video tutorials are the BEST way to learn something – even something you thought you’d maybe never be able to master. As that saying goes, you never know unless you try.

Or, if you’re less inclined to learn, but want the benefits of a lovely look, head to Willow on any Saturday in April (with the exception of the 19th, the Easter Weekend Saturday when the salon will be closed…more about that next week!) and get into the braid bar!

Feel good about your braids too, with all proceeds going to Water Aid Canada. Happy Earth Month, indeed!

And, happy weekend, everyone! Enjoy, and we will see you back here on Tuesday with more from the blog.


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