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Earth Month Finale With Encore: Keep It Going, All Year Round!

Happy Tuesday, and yes, it’s the final day of April!


We are not going to talk about yesterday’s…uh…precipitation…yes, good, let’s just call it that…because tomorrow is May, and things have got to be looking up, right? RIGHT.


April is basically done, and we had our last Earth Month braid bar this past Saturday. If you didn’t get a chance to stop in for braids for a cause, there is a good chance we will do it again in the future, because it was such a great success! Thank you to everyone who came out and got sweet braids for the cause! And just as a little aside, your blogger just happened to be at Willow this past Saturday and saw a wee little girl sit perfectly still while Alysia gave her the loveliest Elsa braid! It was so delightful to witness, and that little girl was one of many very satisfied Willow braid bar clients.


And, speaking of braids and Earth Month, we are happy to share a couple of great ideas from the always fabulous Living Aveda website for you today.


We all know that conserving water is a big part of Earth Month, and when Aveda has so many great no-wash day products that we can use, it’s easy to skip a shampoo or two. Living Aveda has made it even easier with some great 5-minute styles for those days when you don’t 100% need to wash your hair! In this first video there is a GREAT braid option for no-wash day, as well as a couple of other styles that you can recreate using Aveda’s awesome new Rinseless Refresh.


For even more Earth Month no-wash ideas, take a look at Living Aveda’s breakdown of some of Aveda’s best no-wash products. With a wide variety of products, it can be hard to know what to use when. This helpful post gives you all the info so you can save time, save water, AND look fab, too!


Earth Month ends when April ends, but that doesn’t mean we have to go back to NOT thinking about the earth. There are lots of great ways to conserve, to reuse, to recycle, and Aveda is definitely helping make a lot of this happen. We can all do our part, as they say.


Have a great week, everyone! We’ll see you in May!

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