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Shampure and Clean Water, the Perfect Match

We are so pleased to be back on a Friday with you. It’s sunny right now, and even though rain is expected later on in the day, at least it will be a warm kind of rain. That is, it’s not snow, and for that, we are truly grateful!


Something else we are always grateful for is our easy access to water. We’ve talked about this before on the blog – turn one the tap, clean drinking water comes out. It’s that simple. For us, in this part of the country and this part of the world, it’s an assumption and a right.


In fact, access to clean water and sanitation is a basic human right, as determined by the UN back in 2010, but even after that declaration, there are still many places that are denied this basic human right.


As always, during Earth Month, Aveda donates, raises funds, and sparks awareness of this need in a variety of ways, and this year, that includes a limited-edition Shampure hand and body wash in a Show You Care half litre bottle!


We all know and love Shampure for its gorgeous, calming aroma, and what better way to remember the need to help others achieve their right to water than when you’re using water in your own home? Let Shampure help! One of these bottles of Shampure gives one person clean water, and that is something to celebrate. You can find out more about Aveda’s partnership with charity: water here: Living Aveda – Protect Clean Water and we do encourage you to read up on how Aveda is helping to bring water and sanitation, these basic human rights, to people all over the world.

Beautiful braids for Earth Month!

Another way to help of course is by participating in our braid bar tomorrow! $5 gets you a 15-minute appointment for braids, and all proceeds go to Water Aid. You can also get a ticket to participate in our raffle for an Aveda gift basket worth $250.00! Drop in to see us this weekend!


Thanks for reading, everyone, and we hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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