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Sweet Springtime Vibes with MORE Cherry Almond!

Good morning and welcome back to what might possibly be a short week for you. If it isn’t, as in you didn’t have Monday off, well welcome back anyway! And, at least it’s Tuesday now. Monday is history, it’s only forward toward the weekend now, so we’ve got that going for us.


We hope you had a lovely Easter weekend if you celebrated, and/or a lovely Passover weekend if you celebrated that, too. If not, well we at least hope your long weekend was relaxing. And just think, it’s only another few weeks until we get to do it again for the May long weekend! Bring it on, we say, and if you need a little something to keep you going until the true warm weather season arrives, we have just the thing.


Aveda’s extremely popular Cherry Almond line has expanded to include two new products: say hello to Cherry Almond hand and body wash AND body lotion! Springtime has never been sweeter!

If you’ve loved the sweet, fresh aroma of Cherry Almond shampoo and conditioner, being able to extend that gorgeous aroma to body products is a wonderful thing!


Babassu and coconut-derived cleanser help you get clean while helping skin maintain its softness, and the body lotion uses cherry blossom extract and sweet almond oil to lock in that moisture and keep skin smooth and glowing all day long. So take your love of Aveda’s Cherry Almond to the next level, and indulge in Cherry Almond for body.


You can also get Cherry Almond in some sweet gift packs, just in time for Mother’s Day (May 12th, just in case you needed a little reminder!) but you also just might want to keep it for yourself, just a little longer. Hey, no judgement from us!


Before we sign off for today we also want to remind you that our very last Earth Month braid bar is happening this Saturday, April 27th! Five dollars gets you a 15-minute appointment for some fun and dreamy braids, and all proceeds go to Water Aid Canada, providing clean water and basic sanitation in Madagascar.

If you take part in the braid bar, please show us your braids! Leave a comment with a photo here on the blog to share your look with us!


Have a great week, everyone. We’ll chat again on Friday.

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