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Pump Up The Volume

Welcome back to Friday, everyone! It’s starting out to be a glorious kind of spring day, and we are keeping fingers crossed that the rest of the weekend is the same!


Today we want to take a little from our friends at the Living Aveda blog and talk about volume. Not as in sound or music – although a little volume there too is almost always a good idea – but volume in your hair.


You probably already know that Aveda has several products to boost volume, and you might even be able to name them all, but do you know when to use them, and for what sort of hair they work best/most effectively? If you don’t, this article will give you the straight goods on what products and techniques work best on your type of hair!


Fast and Easy Volume for All Hair Types


And, for even more info and instruction on adding a little more bounce to your ‘do, check out the Aveda YouTube channel. Just do a search for ‘volume’ – as we just did – and you’ll pull up a variety of videos so you can get a visual on what to do, how to use products, etc.

Of course, you can also book in with your fab Willow stylist who will also give you the best tips and ideas for your hair! If you’ve never booked a blowdry just on its own, we highly recommend it! It’s an amazing way to treat yourself, and if you let your stylist know you’re looking to enhance volume, they will be able to recommend products and techniques too, as well as give suggestions as they go along. After all, who – other than you – knows your hair best? Yep, it’s your stylist!


Have a great weekend everyone! Go pump up the volume on your hair and your life! And enjoy every little moment.


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