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Spring = Colour!

One of the things that is the best about the spring months and one of the things we love is the colour. It seems as though we go from bare branches and grey and dull looking bushes and lawns to vibrant technicolour in a matter of minutes, doesn’t it? Whether it’s the lush greens of the newly budding and newly leafed trees or the explosion of colourful tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and other early spring bulbs or the fragrant magnolias, lilacs, and peonies, our neighbourhoods and communities are awash in colour during the month of May. And, given the amount of rain we’ve had, lawns are at their most green these days! Even the dandelions seem extra bright and exuberant, with their yellow heads, and the ones that have already moved to seed with their fuzzy white tops add to the colour landscape.

The prettiest pink inspiration.

All this colour gets us thinking…


What do you want to do with your colour this bright and bold season?


Spring is all about renewal, and the same could just very well go for your hair, too! If you’ve been thinking about a change – either a subtle one or something really, really different and radical – this could be your season to just go for it!


And this is around the time, typically, when fashion mags break out the trends for summer in hair colour. And that’s all fine and good, but instead of going with the flow, why not just make an appointment with your Willow stylist and see about finding something uniquely YOU for the season?


Honestly, we can talk about trends and celebrity hair sightings for ages and ages, but ultimately, what will work best for you is what works best for you. And no, it’s not a trap! Why let someone else – or a series of someone elses – decide when you can just go for it? We are all for trends and getting our inspiration from the magazines and influencers, but when it comes right down to it, who knows your personality and style better than you? Or, perhaps your Willow stylist, actually… So why not, between the two of you, find the best possible seasonal or year-round colour for you! You can’t lose, honestly.

More colour, more inspiration!

So if you’re thinking of changing it up, colour-wise, get into Willow and start chatting. Leave the celebrity headshots at home and talk about what you’re envisioning for yourself. Your Team Willow stylist is definitely going to have some great ideas and with the two of you working together? Well, you just might start your own trend.


Think colour, everyone! And never mind today’s rain. There’s inspiration to be found everywhere, you just have to be open to it.


Have a wonderful week, we’ll chat again on Friday!


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