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Video Tutorial Friday: Good Brows in Action!

Good morning, it’s Friday again, and by the end of this short week, we are definitely ready for the weekend! We hope you’ve had a good week, and that the holiday Monday didn’t mess you up too badly. Do you ever feel as if you’re a day ahead or a day behind after the long weekend? You’re not alone, that’s for sure. We’re all a bit lost as to what day it actually is, honestly. But, you can be sure that today is Friday, and that is definitely something to celebrate!


Today we’ve got a really helpful tutorial for you from Aveda’s YouTube channel! And, just a reminder, if you’re not subscribed to the Aveda channel you are missing out on amazing hair, makeup, and skincare tips and tricks, new product alerts, and a lot more.


This morning’s video features Ashley Klaty giving us a masterclass in brow definition and shaping using Aveda’s new brow definer.


And we love this because it’s not just any brow tutorial, Ashley gives us the straight goods on her brows, and how one is less cooperative than the other! We love that honesty, truly. It’s one thing to see a video where the subject already has perfect brows and then they just give a little brushing and shading and ta-da! All done. Ashley points out where the ‘flaws’ in her brows are, areas that need a little extra help and TLC, and explains her approach to a super natural looking brow, and we are here for it.


At the end of the tutorial, we get a little bit about Aveda’s Feed My Lips – liners and lipsticks – to complete the look, as well as a quick guide to beachy waves using Texture Tonic.


The entire tutorial is less than seven minutes, but Ashley sure does pack a lot of information and detail into those minutes! And, the results are just lovely. A polished yet still relatively casual look that can take you straight into the weekend, for whatever you have planned.


Enjoy, friends. And have a great weekend. Wishing you the determination and resolve to get it done…whatever it may be. See you on Tuesday!

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