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Welcome to the Team II

Good morning and welcome back to Friday! It’s not the long weekend just yet, but it is Mother’s Day weekend, and we hope our last couple of posts gave you the inspiration you need to treat your mom – or yourself – to something fun and lovely this weekend.


Today we have another Willow team member to introduce and so without further delay, please welcome Alysia!

If you’ve been to Willow lately, you’ll likely have seen her doing a variety of things around the salon. As an apprentice, she’s always on the go. And, if you participated in our braid bar for Earth Month you will definitely know her as the braid wizard! We asked Alysia, like we did Mallory last week, to tell us a little bit about herself. We asked her a few questions like what brought you to Willow, etc. and now here, in her own words, is her story:


To answer your questions, what brought me to the salon was actually Melissa! She was my teacher at hair school and I kept going to see her for haircuts after I graduated. She was the one who brought me to Willow and has been helping me along in the journey of my apprenticeship. Melissa is an amazing teacher still, and I am happy to be doing my apprenticeship under her wing.


This is my first career and It is all really exciting and I cannot wait to explore all that it has to offer.


In my off hours I like to go to dinner with my friends, go the movies or even have a chill night at home. I also enjoy family time. I do have a large family so there is always something going on. And, as much as I love them, I do enjoy a quieter night at home sometimes! As for restaurants in the area, I haven’t been to any yet but do really want to try them.


My favourite Aveda product would have to be the Air Control hairspray, it leaves a light movable hold and smells amazing!

Big thanks to Alysia for participating in our getting to know you post! We’re so happy to have you at Willow as you begin your salon career.


Thanks for reading, everyone! Enjoy the weekend and if you are celebrating Mother’s Day, enjoy that too. If Mother’s Day is a difficult one for you, we do encourage you to take the time you need. Whether it’s to reflect, to grieve, to remember, or to just be, we wish you comfort and an easy time of it.


We’ll see you back here on Tuesday, friends, as we gear up for the long weekend! Take good care and see you then.

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