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New Product Alert!

Good morning and happy Friday! It’s starting out coolish today, but moving towards sunshine and warm temperatures for the afternoon and evening – a lovely night for Art Crawl! Are you planning to attend? Or maybe you’re still soaking in the glory of the Raptors big win last night? And if you stayed up until the wee hours celebrating, well we will keep our voices down for you. Shhhhhh…


It’s a little tough to contain our excitement though, because Aveda is launching yet another incredible product in the Cherry Almond line, and this time it’s leave-in conditioner!


You already know the Cherry Almond shampoo and conditioner work to gently cleanse and soften your hair. Not only that, they leave your hair – and your entire bathroom, really – smelling incredible. The Cherry Almond leave-in conditioner will do the same and so much more.

Use this new leave-in conditioner on damp hair and comb through to ends. In true Cherry Almond style, it will add shine, smooth, and detangle hair. Use it as well to strengthen hair and prevent breakage, tame flyaways and frizz (always an issue in the heat and humidity of summer) and protect hair from heat. This is a tall order for one product, but Cherry Almond leave-in conditioner is definitely up to the challenge!


A leave-in conditioner can be your best friend in the summer months. Washing your hair but not conditioning in the shower saves water! And your leave-in can act a bit like a styling product too, to save you time. Also, think about throwing it in your beach bag and applying it after swimming to detangle your summer swimming hair and protect it from the wind and the sun. Leave-in conditioners are so versatile, honestly. Don’t leave home without them!


And, while Cherry Almond is the newest leave-in kid in town, let’s also not forget about the tried and true players from Aveda! Find Color Conserve, Damage Remedy and others here and choose the one that’s perfect for your hair!


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Find some time for yourself, and whatever your body is telling you you need. Take that time. It’s not selfish at all, it’s important.

We’ll see you back here on Tuesday, friends.

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