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Summer Fashion Roundup: Yes, the 80s Are Still With Us!

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday and a special blog post all about summer fashion!


That’s right, we scoured the mags and fashion websites to bring you a nice little roundup of all the trendy trends that you’ll be seeing – or are already seeing – on the streets this season!


We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it: summer fashion is all about staying cool, calm, and collected while looking good. And it’s not always easy, is it? When those temperatures really rise and that southern Ontario humidity kicks in, it’s a tough go. Humans sweat. We just do, there’s no way to really get around it! And so the last thing you want during those summer heatwaves is clothing that is restrictive and tight. Summer lets us opt for loose, flowy kinds of outfits, to help us keep our cool. We also tend to move toward lighter makeup (more about that in another post!) and we accessorize in a different way too. And, summer also means styles and looks that just do not fly in any other season. Neon and tie-dye and bucket hats, oh my!


But don’t take our word for it! Let’s see what the experts have to say.


Our friends at ELLE have a great roundup of summer-infused style, including the aforementioned tie-dye. They are calling it “California Cool” and it just is. Lots of fun prints, bright colours, and pieces that are only meant for summer. Like that Prada bucket hat, for instance. Note: you don’t have to shell out $300+ for a Prada bucket hat…just sayin’…


ELLE also evokes memories of summers past with the current trend of souvenir jewelry. We love this! Think seashells, coins, beads, and stones. If you remember taking holidays with your family and stopping at roadside souvenir places, this might be a trend you can get behind.


Moving on from ELLE, we took a look at what Who What Wear is seeing as the biggest trends of the season, and their take is truly a classic ‘from one extreme to another’ kind of feel! They first highlight beige for the season, with a lot of classic looks and silhouettes, but do we have to call it beige?! No, we do not! There’s also oatmeal, biscuit, blush, and off-white to advance the idea of a sort of non-colour. But take a look at some of their examples and they are anything but boring.

A whole lot of trends in one cool snapshot!

From barely-there beige, to the 1980s (yes, the ‘80s are still hot right now) and the power suits and neon of that decade with strong shoulders, bows, midi skirts, and prairie dresses (think dystopian Laura Ashley) and whew. It’s a lot. Find your 80s bliss while you still can!


Surf culture gets a nod as well, as does athletic wear and some seriously over-the-top accessorizing. Big hats, big purses, giant headbands, and massive earrings. They all just scream summer 2019, and we are here for it.


Finally, Refinery29 gives us a few looks that combine a lot of what we talked about into some wearable options and street style. There is honestly nothing better than seeing an outrageous runway look and then turning into something you can totally own. Pick and choose your favourites from the trends and styles listed and then you can take it from there.


We hope this has given you a little inspiration for the season! Get out there and seize summer!


Have a great week, everyone. Chat with you again on Friday.

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