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Sunscreen 101: Just Do It!

Good morning, everyone!


It’s Friday again, and if the weather forecast is correct – as correct as weather forecasting can be, anyway – it is going to be a gloriously summer-like weekend!


We’ve been more than patient so far this spring, and so it’s really about time we get more than one day of nice weather in a row!


With zero rain in the forecast and bigtime sunshine expected all weekend long, are you planning to be outdoors? “Well duh,” you are probably saying, and honestly, who can blame you? It is definitely that time of year. Find a patio, stroll up and down Locke St. or Ottawa St. or King St. here in Dundas; get out in the garden, or take a picnic to the park. There are SO MANY ways to be outside in southern Ontario, and if there is one recommendation we can give you it’s this: don’t forget the sunscreen.


Now, again, you might be saying “well duh” but hear us out. Lots of people have good, even fantastic intentions when it comes to staying safe in the sun, but the reality is that even those of us who do apply sunscreen before heading out to do whatever it is we are going to do, forget about the other rule of summer: reapply.

Don’t forget the sunscreen this sunny weekend!

We get that it’s often the last thing you think of when you’re out having a great time all summer long, but it’s definitely something to train yourself to do in order to protect your skin. Some of these days in June can be deceiving, since it’s not quite yet that sticky, humid heat that we’ve come to expect later in July and August, sometimes there’s a lovely breeze still, and the air moves enough for you to not feel overheated – which is wonderful, and one of the best parts about this late spring time of year. But that’s where we can get fooled, thinking that if we’re not boiling hot, we’re good to go without sunscreen, or, with just a morning application to get us through the entire day of outdoor festivities. So our recommendation is to set an alarm on your phone. Do the math to figure out how long your initial application of sunscreen will last (remember it’s less time if you’re sweating a lot or in and out of water) and give yourself a little digital reminder! No one will look at you funny if you all of a sudden pull out a tube of sunscreen and reapply to your face and any other exposed areas. In fact, you just might be the hero/heroine that saves the day for your friends! Trust us, there’s bound to be someone in your friend group that completely forgot their sunscreen, so be prepared to share!


Summer is the best, of course, and the faster we get in the habit of not leaving home without our sunscreen the better.


If you find yourself standing in the store facing the rows and rows of sunscreen and other sun-related products feeling extremely confused, you’re not alone. Fortunately, the Canadian Dermatology Association has a great list of sunscreen products that they approve (ones that meet their standards for UV protection) and it’s available here. There’s still a lot to choose from, but at least you’ll know which ones will give you the best protection. This list is great because it also lists products in a wide variety of price ranges, which can be really helpful.


So get outside this weekend if that’s your thing, and do it safely with sunscreen. You might also want to consider a hat with a large brim and sunglasses, but if you want to feel the sun on your face after the cold wet spring we’ve had, we won’t stop you. Just be sure to give that face of yours a good coating of sunscreen, though.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. We’ll chat with you again on Tuesday.


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